January 19, 2017

Adelaide is one.

Month 12
December 19th - January 19th
I love raising babies. I love newborns and breastfeeding and babies before they're super mobile. I love how small they are and easy to throw into a baby carrier. I love that in this first year my responsibilities are simply loving on and keeping my baby alive.

Having a second baby has taught me so much. I now have a better understanding of what makes Genevieve and Adelaide unique and how I don’t really have any special tricks to make awesome kids. So much of what I love about Genevieve is simply her, not anything I did. And I am finding that there are things so special to Adelaide that Genevieve does not have, and it has nothing to do with me. I just love discovering their similarities and differences.

Unlike Genevieve, Adelaide loves adventure and change and movement. She never sits still. I was reading Genevieve’s one-year update and remembered how G would just sit and read books all day. Ya, not Adelaide, at all! She would rather be tearing down block towers and pulling books off the shelf.

Apparently Genevieve started sleeping through the night at one year...ha. Adelaide consistently wakes 2-3 times at night. I seriously can’t imagine her sleeping for 10+ hours! What?! But being my second baby, I have stressed about 10 minutes total in the last year about her lack of sleep. I just know one day she will do it and she is just not a great night sleeper. Having been through this season before has made me way less stressed about growth.

Also unlike Genevieve, Adelaide only has two teeth (G had at least six at this age). BUT Adelaide has soooo much more hair than Genevieve at this age. It’s so crazy how little we control these things.

Adelaide is such a happy baby. Her second month was rough but the last ten months have been PURE JOY. She is so content. Unless she wants to be held or nursed, she smiles.

And because I have a toddler’s schedule to work around, Adelaide is very laid back and goes with the flow. At one, Genevieve was showing signs of being a stubborn, strong-willed kid, but I haven’t seen much of that in Adelaide...yet. 

I love that she loves being ‘worn’. She is in the ergo at least once every single day. It’s the only way I can manage two kids while I am out. And like her sister, she loves nature and going on walks. 

Adelaide's One Year Video

Some milestones:
  • Born: Tuesday, January 19th, 2016 at 5:42pm
  • First bottle – Feb 24th (5 weeks)
  • Started cooing at 2 months
  • Started giggling at 4 months
  • Started rolling over at 5 months
  • First solid food at 6 months - humus, avocado, and baba ganoush 
  • Started sitting up on her own at 6.5 months
  • At 7 months says “mama”
  • At 8 months says “dada”
  • Crawling and cruising at 9 months
  • Finally broke 2 teeth right before 10 months
  • Learning to wave at 11 months
  • December 17th – (11 months) – moved to Genevieve’s room (that didn’t last long, back with us)
  • Celebrated her first Christmas and New Years! 


My Sweet Adelaide,
We made it. We made it one year. Your leaving babyhood and entering into toddlerhood. It still feels so surreal. I can't image our lives without you but I also can't believe you will be walking and talking soon. You have been the greatest joy this year. I didn't know a baby could smile so much! You are 100% a mama's girl and although it can feel exhausting sometimes, I wouldn't trade it for the world. You still nurse all night long and you really don't like to be away from me but I know in a few short months that will change. You are starting to play with your big sister and it is such a joy to watch you two interact. You have a family that loves you more than we can express. 
Happy Birthday my precious daughter!
Love, Mama


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