November 19, 2016

Genevieve Is Three!

Michael and I both feel amazed that we have a three-year-old, and at the same time don't believe we've only been parents for three years. I can hardly remember what it was like before parenthood. 

This year I asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday and she said, "a bouncy castle house." I was thinking up all these creative ways I could make a party like that happen and still be "insta-worthy" but I finally hit a wall and decided that I should go the stereotypical birthday route and find a party place for her birthday. What a great decision. Pizza, cake, balloons, friends, and bounce houses - she was so happy. 

My Sweet Genevieve,
We made it three years! At 3 you weigh 32lbs (65th%) and are 39 inches tall (90th%).
At three you:
  • will nap everywhere except at home
  • are potty trained at school but not at home
  • are starting to consider trying new food
  • LOVE Peppa Pig and Doc McStuffins
  • are starting to talk with a bit of a British accent (thanks to Peppa Pig and your dad's prodding)
  • adore your sister and want her around but get very upset if Adelaide touches your toys
  • want to be outside all the time, you call it 'the garden'
  • love playing with play dough and your Peppa Doll House
  • like sneaking mama's makeup and putting lipstick on your cheeks
  • love stomping, jumping, dancing, and playgrounds
  • are very stubborn and know your like and dislikes
  • have decided you will not sleep unless the overhead light is on
  • say funny things like, "Whaaaaat?" "I don't know..." and "I want to go on a holiday"
  • know how to smile and cheese on command as well as drop your lip and cry in a matter of seconds
  • love climbing on daddy and wrestling and jumping in our bed
  • love going to the playground and playing in the sand
  • love listening to "Uncle Jonathan song" (Concerning Lions)
  • have very distinct things you hate and are scared of, like the dark, and that troll doll without a face (and I agree)
  • say, "Poo poo" all day, every day. It's your response to just about everything
  • have learned to have imaginary play and you let mama and dada join you in your make believe stories
  • laugh all the time and bring so much joy to our family
I am really excited for this next year of your life. We are starting to have conversations and you are understanding more and more. I feel like the next few months will bring an explosion in our ability to communicate. And I know we will be creating, crafting, cooking, and exploring so much more this year. You are the best big sister. You've learned how to take your frustration when Adelaide interrupts your play and stop to give her a toy to play with instead. You have become the cuddliest girl and whenever you get so upset and start having a tantrum, we have cuddle time on the couch. It always calms you down, and I'll cuddle you any time. My sweet Genevieve Lark, you are so loved. 

Love, Mama


  1. Sweet Genevieve!! I loved reading this. - Felicia

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