November 20, 2016

Adelaide is 10 months old.

Month 10
October 19 - November 19
At 10 months, she:
  • finally broke 4 teeth and is not a happy crying for hours at night;
  • is eating so much more now that she has teeth;
  • still has not slept more than 3-4 hours at once...ever;
  • is much more adventurous and daring than her big sister;
  • still beams when Genevieve walks in the room;
  • has twice as much hair as Genevieve at this age;
  • is cruising and even walking while assisted;
  • squeals and shrieks with happiness all day;
  • and gives smiles to everyone. 

Genevieve turned 3 this month! What?! Check out her birthday blog here.

The biggest news this month is that we got her results back from a food sensitivity test. And we found out she has sensitivities to 29 things... These include: all dairy, soy, most nuts (cashew, peanut, walnut, and almond), all gluten, bran, rye, green peas, mustard, coconut, tomatoes, banana, pineapple, honey, dill, barley, malt, sesame, safflower, and lemon. 

Ugh. I have a new part-time job: trying to feed my 3-year-old. So we can't do typical dairy alternatives because she can't eat almond, cashew, soy, or coconut. And I had no idea safflower, honey, and lemon were in so many things, like so many gluten-free options have safflower oil. Genevieve is the pickiest eater and unfortunately the only food she will eat contains all the things causing inflammation.

My only hope is that once we figure out the food she can eat and will eat, we will start to see behavioral changes. Her verbal skills are not super great yet and she is very stubborn about things like potty training. I hope that once she doesn't have headaches, tummy aches, and inflammation she will emerge as a much happier little girl. But it's going to be a rough road. 

Other Happenings
Words cannot express the range of emotions this month brought. As I was writing this post I was surprised that so much could possibily have happened in 30 days. 

This was our second year going to Boo at the Zoo. We decided while the kids were so little that we would go to this Halloween event in lieu of Trick or Treating. It was a blast and we loved being with some of our favorite families. We asked Genevieve what she wanted to dress up as and she decided "a doc". So we followed suit and dressed up as a nurse (Michael), a skeleton/x-ray (Adelaide) and I dressed up as a Midwife from the show "Call the Midwife".

My coworkers have become some of my best friends. And this month we attempted a sleepover with three families: crafting, dinner, and late night fire talks. It was chaos, but it was really good. We also celebrated all of Nashville Doula Services' clients. It was great to have so many sweet babies and pregnant mamas together. Although I can't attend many births in this season of my life, I love that I am still part of so many in a small way. 

Those are the high moments of this month, but goodness, this month brought some low moments, too. The election results hit us in a way we did not anticipate. Along with half of the country, we are still in a state of shock, trying to figure out what to do now. It has fired us up to really explore how we can get involved in local politics and activism.

But that paled in comparison to doulaing my dear friends through labor as they learned they would be saying hello and goodbye to their baby boy. Grief is intense. The last 3 weeks I feel like I've been walking in a cloud of shock, trauma, and pain, while simultaneously celebrating my daughter's lives. In the grief I am so glad Michael and I have been able to spend lots of time with our friends. There is a peace that surrounds heartache and I count it a huge honor to be able to simply sit and process and rest with our friends. I am exhausted, but I know tomorrow is a new day. 
My Sweet Adelaide,
You have been my joy and slice of hope during this last month of so much heartache. The all night feedings have turned into the sweetest times and I don't find myself wishing them away anymore. I feel so attached to you and I had no idea how healing it is to cuddle you through my tears. Baby girl, we've got lots of happy exciting days ahead. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and your first birthday are around the corner, not to mention you will be walking before we know it! But I am grateful that you just let me hold and snuggle you as I heal. You are so precious to me.
Love, Mama

November 19, 2016

Genevieve Is Three!

Michael and I both feel amazed that we have a three-year-old, and at the same time don't believe we've only been parents for three years. I can hardly remember what it was like before parenthood. 

This year I asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday and she said, "a bouncy castle house." I was thinking up all these creative ways I could make a party like that happen and still be "insta-worthy" but I finally hit a wall and decided that I should go the stereotypical birthday route and find a party place for her birthday. What a great decision. Pizza, cake, balloons, friends, and bounce houses - she was so happy. 

My Sweet Genevieve,
We made it three years! At 3 you weigh 32lbs (65th%) and are 39 inches tall (90th%).
At three you:
  • will nap everywhere except at home
  • are potty trained at school but not at home
  • are starting to consider trying new food
  • LOVE Peppa Pig and Doc McStuffins
  • are starting to talk with a bit of a British accent (thanks to Peppa Pig and your dad's prodding)
  • adore your sister and want her around but get very upset if Adelaide touches your toys
  • want to be outside all the time, you call it 'the garden'
  • love playing with play dough and your Peppa Doll House
  • like sneaking mama's makeup and putting lipstick on your cheeks
  • love stomping, jumping, dancing, and playgrounds
  • are very stubborn and know your like and dislikes
  • have decided you will not sleep unless the overhead light is on
  • say funny things like, "Whaaaaat?" "I don't know..." and "I want to go on a holiday"
  • know how to smile and cheese on command as well as drop your lip and cry in a matter of seconds
  • love climbing on daddy and wrestling and jumping in our bed
  • love going to the playground and playing in the sand
  • love listening to "Uncle Jonathan song" (Concerning Lions)
  • have very distinct things you hate and are scared of, like the dark, and that troll doll without a face (and I agree)
  • say, "Poo poo" all day, every day. It's your response to just about everything
  • have learned to have imaginary play and you let mama and dada join you in your make believe stories
  • laugh all the time and bring so much joy to our family
I am really excited for this next year of your life. We are starting to have conversations and you are understanding more and more. I feel like the next few months will bring an explosion in our ability to communicate. And I know we will be creating, crafting, cooking, and exploring so much more this year. You are the best big sister. You've learned how to take your frustration when Adelaide interrupts your play and stop to give her a toy to play with instead. You have become the cuddliest girl and whenever you get so upset and start having a tantrum, we have cuddle time on the couch. It always calms you down, and I'll cuddle you any time. My sweet Genevieve Lark, you are so loved. 

Love, Mama