August 21, 2016

Adelaide is 7 months old.

7 Months
July 19th - August 19th
  • I love chunky babies. She's certainly surpassed her sister's size at this age. I am already pulling out 18-month clothing and she's now in size 4 diapers!
  • She loves sitting up, although I still have to spot her. 
  • Unlike Genevieve, Adelaide is showing signs that she may actually crawl (Genevieve just scooted). Adelaide loves to get on all fours and rock and push backwards. I bet by next month we will have a super mobile baby!
  • She's been saying "Mama" but now she is adding more consonants: "Ga ga ga". She loves to chat.
  • I thought 6:30am was an early wake time but this stinker has started waking up at 4am ready to go. She wants to roll around, rock, and talk all morning. 
  • We still nurse about every 3 hours around the clock. I don't see "sleeping through the night" happening any time soon. Oh well. 
  • She's trying more and more food, although no more than just a taste at a time. We are in no rush to introduce solids. 
  • She is so happy! At least for me ;) She is content just sitting in the bumbo or playing on the floor for 30 minutes at a time. And she could watch Genevieve play for hours!
  • I love her. It's so fun right now. She's learned how to play imaginary games so we are playing doctor and Peppa Pig on the regular. It's amazing to watch her brain work.
  • I have the cutest waterbug. She LOVES the water - lake, river, pool - we try and find some water time at least once a week. 
  • She started waking up once at night calling out for us. This is new. And hopefully just a very short phase. 
  • We attempted potty training this month. Wasn't quite successful so we will attempt again in a few weeks. 
  • She loves Peppa Pig and Doc McStuffins. Like obsessed. We've moved on from Daniel Tiger. 

Ahh! I put a snap chat filter on Genevieve and she looks 16!!

Other Happenings: 
  • I am officially applying to the Nurse Midwifery program at Vanderbilt. This means I take the GRE in a few days and start night classes for my science prerequisites on the same day. My life is about to get crazy but I am so excited! And grateful for the support I have from my family. Now I just need to get accepted into the program ;)
  • My dream is coming true! My girls love hanging out together. Although Adelaide isn't old enough to really play together, they have a deep love for each other. Both of them light up when they see each other. 
  • Tea parties - all day, every day. 
  • We had a wonderful weekend at my parents' house while Michael was out of town at a conference. It was so nice to have my mom's help and Genevieve absolutely loves Bibi's house! I am so blessed for that type of support. 
  • We went to Long Hunter State Park and Rutledge Falls. We haven't been going on as many outdoor adventures as we would like but every time we get to go out and explore it's amazing!
  • Our lives are about to get very very busy with me in night classes, running a doula agency, and managing an Airbnb, but we are so happy and ready to take on this huge challenge!
My Dear Adelaide,
 Gracious, you are the sweetest. Every time I look at you I just can't believe how cute you are. You definitely are a mama's girl and I don't mind so much. Because you still don't take bottles and you nurse around the clock, I can't be away from you for more than 4 hours at a time. And because our lives are about to get pretty intense, I am just loving the connection. I am loving co-sleeping with you, baby-wearing every day, and nursing all the time. I feel incredibly attached to you and I wouldn't trade the dependency you have on me for anything! And now you are growing leaps and bounds. You will be crawling soon! Oh it's so much fun. You are growing so fast but I don't feel sad. I am just taking it one moment at a time and taking it all in.  
Love, Mama 

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