July 19, 2016

Adelaide is half a year old!

Month 6
June 20th - July 19th 
-She is getting HUGE. She weighs just about 20 pounds and is now in 12-month clothing. I have a chunky girl! I feel pretty proud of it since it's all from me. It's still so amazing to me how incredible our bodies are and that I not only grew Adelaide inside of me, but I am her complete source of nourishment. 

-Speaking of food, she has officially tried her first solids. So far she has had a bite of hummus, baba ghanoush, and avocados. She seems indifferent about the flavors. Praying I have an easy going baby in the food department. Genevieve is so picky and I'd love to avoid this battle with Adelaide, fingers crossed. 

-She can sit up for about 5 seconds at a time! I bet by the end of the week she will be sitting up all on her own. 

-She is still so squirmy. If I lay her down she will roll all over the place. She likes to push herself up when she's on her belly, like 'cobra pose' in yoga. And at night she rolls all over the place. I remember these movements when she lived inside of me ;)  

-She certainly looks like her sister but her eyes make her her own little person. Michael and I are totally obsessed with her. I could stare at her all day. I love her crooked smile and her bright eyes! See the picture below - Genevieve on the left and Adelaide on the right.

-Sleep, oh sleep. She sleeps about 2 hours at a time at night. She's been doing this for months. So long now that it is not even worth complaining about it or trying to fix it. We survive because we co-sleep. I truly have no idea what it would be like to sleep through the night, a solid 8 hours seems so unreal. But I am choosing not to stress and I am just pouring myself an extra cup of coffee. We will get through this. 
-She LOVES to swim. She is my little fish. I love that I have a child that could hang out in water all day. She really likes her float and does so well in the water. We try and get to the pool, river, or lake at least once a week and I've so much enjoyed it. This makes summer really feel like summer!

-Being 2.5 is hard some times. And it's hard to be a parent of a 2.5 year old, too ;) She can be so stubborn, screeches when she's upset, and has incredible selective hearing. Learning how to discipline in a way that lines up with our family values and works for our child as an individual is CHALLENGING. Some days we feel like we did perfect, other days it is a complete failure and we have to cuddle and apologize to our daughter. This is where I feel like I need so much grace! 

-Our favorite thing this month and will likely be our least favorite soon is the question "why?" I knew it was just around the corner and we have hit it full blast. Just about everything we say to Genevieve is followed with "why?" And her vocabulary is growing rapidly overnight! 

Other Happenings:
This was a pretty slow month but I am so grateful for that since our lives are about to get busier!

-I attended 2 out of the 3 births I have this month. It is so weird to be back on call! It's been so wonderful to get to go to births again and I am also grateful that it won't be like this every month now that I have a little one and I am running the company. But man, I love attending births!

-For the 4th of July we explored Beaman Park. Creek stomping may be one of our favorite activities. And we spent many many days by the pool hanging out with family. We also celebrated cousin Ingrid's first birthday and Uncle Scratchy's (Evan) birthday. It's been a slower month, which has been so nice. We are really enjoying this summer. 

My Dear Adelaide,
You are the cutest. The chunkiest and the cutest. I giggle every time I look at you because I think you are just so cute. We hit major milestones of independence this month. You are almost sitting up on your own and you have started to eat solid foods. It's bittersweet to no longer be your sole source of food, but it has been so fun watching you explore new things. You continue to be enamored by your sister and I love that! I really do think you two will have a special bond. I also love that you still sleep right next to me every night. I don't want to rush that or wish it away. I will miss having you so close once you're ready for your own space. I am glad you are still my little baby but goodness this year is flying by. I'm doing my best to soak it all up!
Love, Mama

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