June 21, 2016

Month 5 and Our Family Trip

Month 5
May 19th - June 19th
-smiles so much and almost never cries;
-is 15.5 pounds (80%) and 26.5 inches tall (95%);
-still wakes 4-5 times, sometimes more, but takes 3 predictable naps during the day;
-is getting closer to sitting up;
-chews on everything, especially her fingers—I think a tooth will emerge any day; 
-is in love with her sister and only laughs for her;
-is now rolling over. 
-is obsessed with finding willow trees and is so excited to play in them;
-is becoming a pro at time-out, or what we calling 'resetting';
-enjoys standing on the table to she can belt out songs (mainly "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star");
-loves playing with my stethoscope (she calls it a periscope) and giving Adelaide check-ups;
-still refuses most foods;
-has been asking for 'mama's milk' and pretends to nurse her baby doll. 
This has been a crazy hard and wonderful month!
Michael was out of town for a week and, of course, that was the week I had a 20-hour doula birth, my parents and parents-in-law were out of town, and my AC broke, flooding the basement floor. I came out of that week feeling incredibly empowered as a mother and trust myself to take care of our home and family. Although I would have certainly preferred for Michael to be there! 

We also celebrated our 6-year wedding anniversary (10 years of being together), Father's Day, and lots of creek stomping, hiking, and family cuddles. 

Because this post encompasses our Anniversary and Father's Day I get to love gush about Michael. My husband brings so much joy to the sometimes not so joyful season of parenting little ones. Choosing to be his partner in life was by far the best decision I will ever make. He changes every diaper when he is home and handles bath and bedtime and he makes me breakfast in the morning and cooks all of our dinners. He bounces, rocks, and burps Adelaide late into the night and kisses, tickles, and plays with Genevieve from the moment he walks in the door after work. He is fully present with our children, and I am so grateful for that. He does all of this so I can pursue my dreams with my doula agency and it allows me to work in the evenings. And he also challenges me to love deeper, think more critically, and to live in the present. I love who we've become because of each other. I know our next decade together will be even more spectacular. 
The biggest highlight from this last month was our family getaway. I was in much need of some TLC and I knew Michael felt the same way. I decided to surprise him with a trip to the mountains for Father's Day weekend. I searched on Airbnb for a cabin in the woods within 5 hours of Nashville. "Callingwaters Cabin" in Murphy, North Carolina was the perfect spot! It was cozy and well furnished. The rooms had big windows so it felt like a tree house and there was a creek rushing by the cabin leading to a 40-foot waterfall just yards away. But what we loved the most was that it had no wifi, cable, or cell service. I was forced to only use my phone as a camera. There was no checking emails or social media. It really was a break! 

I often set my expectations of a future vacation really high and then when it actually comes time to go, I am stressed and the kids are a nightmare. Sometimes it doesn't feel worth it. But I can say that this trip was one of the first (and our first as a family of 4) that exceeded my expectations. The only items on the agenda were a 5-mile hike at Turtletown Creek Falls and to relax. We did just that. I packed the perfect amount of food, clothes, and 'things to do'. We ate, drank, and played cards late into the night. And we played lots of music from our middle school and high school days - Sufjan Stevens, Iron & Wine, Damien Rice, Death Cab, and Postal Service - super nostalgic. In the mornings we would drink coffee on the screened porch and during nap time we would read aloud. Genevieve loved creek stomping and playing with the ferns that grew everywhere. Overall, it was simply great. I can't wait to go back again. 
My Dear Adelaide,
You're getting so big! You are rolling all over the place and love to stand (assisted). You are constantly moving all your arms and legs. It is so much fun to watch you watch your sister. I can tell you are enamored by her. And you are so patient with her as she treats you like her baby doll. Solid sleep is still not a thing for you but I am glad you are still sleeping next to me so I get some rest at night, although you do sleep like a starfish and somehow manage to take up half the bed. This season is short, and in just a few months you will no longer be a little baby. This time next year you will be toddler running around, so wake me up and help remind me that you are so little for so little time. I love you dearly. 

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