May 23, 2016

Adelaide is 4 months old!

Month 4
April 19th - May 19th 

How we eat our meals: wearing Adelaide with a hat in case we drop food :)
Adelaide and her cousin Olsen
Adelaide at four months:
  • She started giggling.
  • She is starting to grasp toys.
  • She can almost sit in a high chair.
  • 6 month clothing is getting small.
  • She doesn't sleep, ever. 
  • Her gassiness and projectile vomiting is starting to slow down. 
  • She's overall just so much more happy and smiley!
Genevieve was not an easy baby and Adelaide is proving to be pretty challenging as well. Whew. The good news, her fussiness has lessened now that she is 4 months old but she still wants to be held and bounced 24/7. Unfortunately, she doesn't love babywearing with me because she smells me and then gets upset and wants to eat non-stop. This is a one-day-at-a-time season.

I am glad that I didn't try to develop any type of schedule before 4 months because of course we hit the dreaded 4 month sleep regression. She naps for about 15 minutes at a time and wakes up every 2 hours at night. We are about at a month of doing this with no glimpse of relief anytime soon. I sound terribly whiny but I am actually surviving it pretty well. Around 3pm I start counting down the minutes until Michael gets home from work and I dream of the day I will get to nap, but the rest of the day I seem to be functioning on such little sleep.

I tell myself every single day that this will pass, sleep will return one day, my children are only getting older and more independent. I know I sound like a broken record every month on the blog talking about how hard and amazing it all is, but just like I tell a woman in labor to take a deep breath and release the tension" over and over and over again, I have to remind myself, as well, that it will pass.

So many people, especially with older kids, will say, "it goes so fast" or "cherish every moment, it flies by!" And while I do believe that to be true, as I've already seen with Genevieve, it's not easy to soak in the moment with sleep deprivation, a toddler who knows how to push your buttons, and you're covered in spit up and baby poop. If I don't laugh I may go crazy. One day at a time, right?

Genevieve Update:
It's been a great month. Genevieve has really grown up since she became a big sister. She definitely likes to challenge both me and Michael and we are having to get very creative and consistent as we help her grow. Every day Genevieve's ability to interact with Adelaide gets stronger and that's really exciting! Adelaide smiles and coos when she sees her big sister. And she sits and watches intently at everything Genevieve does. We made a cardboard rocket ship and Genevieve loves when her sister sits inside as she feeds her play food. And she wants to paint her sister's hand to make masterpieces. When I ask Genevieve who her best friend is, she says, "Baby Adelaide". It's precious!

This month we discovered a new personality trait/quirk that she has demonstrated, she has a disdain for anything messy. She doesn't like having any food on her hand or face, she will not walk in the grass without shoes on, and she cries and yells 'yucky' if rain touches her. It really is amazing how the baby that you created, grew, and birthed is truly their own person. I have very little control over who she becomes and it's so fun to discover all the eccentricities that make Genevieve her own person. She's seriously turning into such a fun little girl! 
One year of hair growth! :)
Other Happenings:
If Adelaide's ER visit last month wasn't enough, a couple weeks ago I woke up in excruciating pain and had to go to the hospital. Kidney stones are no joke. After just having a baby I can say that it is very similar. I would say it was equivalent to being 8cm dilated ;) with constant nausea and vomiting, I had to rock and vocalize to get through it until the pain meds kicked in. I am so grateful my friend, Carissa, was there to 'doula' me. It was intense. Fingers crossed we don't have another hospital visit any time soon!

This month we celebrated Mother's Day and birthdays, which means lots more family time, my favorite! Mother's Day may be one of my favorite holidays now that I have little ones. Being their mother means everything to me and I love having a day where I can stop and honor that role. It really is the best. We also went to the annual Earth Day celebration at Centennial Park. We've been the last 4 years and love it. This year Genevieve got to participate in the activities, including petting a bunny, which she loved! We capped off Earth Day by finally getting our garden planted.

We ended this month celebrating Carissa and Danny at their wedding! Carissa has become one of my closest friends. She was there when Adelaide was born, she has helped me countless times with the girls and the Airbnb and keeping my life together ;) She has taught me so much about being a midwife assistant, she is always there to listen to me process, and somehow we never run out of things to talk about. She's the definition of a true friend and I am so happy she married an incredible person like Danny. Her wedding was so beautiful.

And now on to a new month!
My Dear Adelaide,
You're getting happier by the day! And you love talking. I feel like we are starting to glimpse of your personality shining through. This is from my note to Genevieve at 4 months and it's exactly what I would say to you: "You chew on everything, drool on everything, and you are starting to grab things. There is so much world to discover! I am so excited to have the privilege of exploring the world through your eyes in these upcoming months and years." Yes, there is so much for you experience and I love that I get to watch you take it in just like I did with your big sister. Now if you'd only sleep :)
Love, Mama

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