March 21, 2016

Adelaide is 2 months old!

Month 2
February 19th - March 19th 
Adelaide at two months: 
-She's getting so big - over 12 pounds and now wearing 6-month clothing!
-The cooing has started. She's already trying to talk to us :)
-When you get close to her face and smile, she smiles back pretty much every time! It is the sweetest.
-She does not like the swing or bouncer. She wants to be held 24/7. If she is awake, she has to be held and rocked. 
-This month we tried some methods to improve her latch and help her not suck in so much air when she nurses. She had her tongue and lip tie revised. Her tongue tie was a class 4 and both posterior and anterior (which is pretty bad). I am so glad we had it fixed with a laser, although we did not see much improvement with her latch. We are now trying craniosacral therapy and I am already seeing some difference. If nothing else, she seems like a much happier baby. 
About to get her tongue fixed, she did great!
Craniosacral therapy
She loved it! It was very relaxing. 
Genevieve Update:
I wish I could say the transition has gotten easier, but another month in and she is still crying when the baby cries. It's been very tough for everyone. Honestly, I thought after 8 weeks we would see improvement. It breaks my heart to watch her struggle so much with this transition but I am really glad that I can see her sensitive heart and hold her tight through the change. I know one day the constant tears will stop. She's a brave little girl who's growing up before our eyes.

-She loves singing "Head Shoulders Knees and Toes," "The Itsy Bitsy Spider," "Baa Baa Black Sheep," and "Happy Birthday."
-She is still obsessed with all things Alphabet. She will find letters every where and she wants us to sing ABC's with her all day long. 
-She is starting to play imaginary games with her Daniel Tiger figurines. She can quietly play by herself for quite a while in her own little world, and doesn't like it when you interrupt that world.
-Still a super picky eater - raisins, yogurt, pasta, and tuna are some of the only things she will eat, although she is showing lots of interest in helping Michael cook dinner. One day she will appreciate food!
-She is definitely an introvert but when she is around her cousin, Nora, she talks CONSTANTLY. She likes to tell her what to do. She's filling her big sister shoes perfectly ;) 
Proof that she will nap. Shes actually sleeping at school!
She loves her cousin
Other Happenings:
Our Airbnb is now up in full swing! I have every night booked in March, April, and May, with only 2 available weekends through November. Although it is a lot of work, we love meeting new people and the extra income.

My business is taking off as well! We had our first big event - Empower Your Birth Conference, and I am so proud of all the hard work our team put into it. I was also pampered at a team sleepover. My co-workers are like family to me and I am blessed to work with such amazing women. 

This month I also attended two more Blessingways. My sister and a good friend, Felicia, both took part in the Mother blessing ritual. It was awesome to see the tradition passed on to my friends after having my ceremony. I hope all my pregnant friends honor themselves, their baby, and the closest women in their life with a ritual like this one. 
Our booth at Empower Your Birth
Felicia's Blessingway
Lauren's Blessingway

And now a monthly dose of Genevieve and Adelaide!
My Dear Adelaide,
I am still gushing every time I talk about you. What joy you bring to our family. We have hit the crying new baby stage but you are just so darn cute it doesn't phase us. And your sister is slowly adjusting to your cries as well. Even though you only know her as the loud person crying in your face, she really does adore you. When she sees you she wants to hold you and give you kisses. Genevieve will always have your back, especially once you're done crying ;) You've been so brave through all the adjustments. You are a strong little girl. We love you so dearly!
Love, Mama

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