December 30, 2015

Month 9 - Baby #2

Month 9
December 1st - 26th 
This month has been a whirlwind.
We had a full calendar of Airbnb guests, I launched my new doula agency, and I started the preparations/nesting for Adelaide, all while trying not to leave the couch. Thankfully, my contractions died down and Adelaide stayed put. But I really forced myself into as much bedrest as possible. I did not want to have a preterm baby in the hospital, and I am so relieved that we are out of that window. It's been so surreal getting all of Genevieve's newborn clothes out and rearranging the nursery to make room for another baby. I feel very settled and ready now that my birth kit has been purchased, the co-sleeper is set-up, newborn diapers and all my postpartum supplies are here, I had my blessingway (can't wait to share about that!), and the car-seat is installed. Nesting mode is taking off. These upcoming weeks will be filled with cleaning, straightening, organizing, downsizing, and getting ready.

Luckily, a spot opened up in a local Parents’ Day Out program and Genevieve started going to 'school' every Tuesday and Thursday. This really helped me get rest during the week. My community of support is incredible. I have had help with Genevieve every day and I was able to rest and get the work done that I needed to before transitioning into my maternity/waiting season. She cried the week first of school and so did I. It was so crazy dropping her off with her lunchbox, backpack, and sleep mat. It seems like she aged so many years just this month. Although the drop off was tough, her teacher said she did great adjusting. Genevieve loves routine and schedules so I knew she would really grow to enjoy going to school. And she has done so well since then! In her first week she also had school pictures. They are hilarious! I really felt like I upped my mom role when I went to her first Christmas program. She "sang" 'Go Tell It on the Mountain' and 'Nine Little Reindeer'. It was absolutely adorable. She has been singing those songs every day since. This last month she has been so delightful to be around. She says "thank you, mama" and "please", shows more restraint when having to wait patiently, doesn't cry at every person who comes into the house, and is talking up a storm! I love being her mom!
I love the holidays! I love getting to spend time with family and having Michael off work. Christmas this year was bizarre: it was 70 degrees and rainy. Not the white Christmas I've always dreamed of but Genevieve loved playing with her Dada and uncles in the rain. This year, more than any other year, has been so fun because she is actually engaging with the presents and traditions. It will only get more and more fun from here! And it's crazy to think that Adelaide will almost be one next Christmas!
My dear friend Carissa took these beautiful pictures of my family before Adelaide arrives. Unfortunately, getting a good picture of Genevieve is near impossible. She screamed every single time the camera was put in her face. But it's part of the story and the season we are in, so we pushed through. I can't believe our next family pictures will have another baby!
Sweet Adelaide,
We did it! We made it to full-term. Whew, it was a long 6 weeks of sitting and resting and doing everything I could to keep you inside a little bit longer. We did great. Thanks for hanging in there. Now that I am full-term, I have to put aside the previous weeks of waiting and gear up for season 2 of waiting. Technically, it could be another 5 weeks until I meet you. Although I prefer a little sooner than that :) you can certainly take your time. I am an expert at 'doula-ing' people through the wait and I can be patient for you, sweet baby. Every braxton hicks, contraction, and crampy feelings make me so excited to see your face. Your bed is set up right next to me and all your clothes and diapers are ready for you. I'm not going to lie, I am still in a little bit of denial that you are actually coming but maybe that is for the best. I am going to fully embrace you as my new daughter when the time comes. Whenever you are ready....
Love, Mama

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