December 7, 2015

Month 8 - Baby #2

Month 8
November 1st - 30th 

November has been a crazy month.

-Our baby girl turned 2! You can see her birthday party here.

-Michael and I went on a babymoon to Cincinnati where we ate so much great food. Here is the blog post from the trip.

-We celebrated Thanksgiving, which I am not sure I got any pictures from...

-I finished my last birth as a doula before preparing for my own delivery.

-And I announced the grand opening of Nashville Doulas! The last 5 months have been packed full as I started a new doula agency with 2 other partners. I've been putting in 60 hours a week and working non-stop to get everything prepared. 

-We got our co-sleeper set up in preparation for Adelaide, and Genevieve has loved using it as her crib for her baby doll. She is practicing being a big sister and it is so sweet! 

-We also got our house all ready for Christmas. I think it's so magical to celebrate holidays with a toddler. We had hot chocolate tea parties, made orange garlands, lots of cozy cuddles, and decorated our Christmas Tree. 

-I was feeling pretty discouraged with Genevieve and her tantrums, but the last few weeks have been so much better! I watched the video, "Happiest Toddler on the Block" and I learned some great tools to communicate with my toddler. We seriously cut out 100% of tantrums. I feel like we are really starting to understand each other and it's just getting to be so much fun! Every day she says new words and the ability to communicate has changed everything!

-This month we also found out that my body is starting to show signs of preparing for labor. I was feeling so many cramps and Braxton Hicks and I just sensed that something was a little unusual. I felt so pregnant even though I was just in the beginning of the 3rd trimester. It felt like the end pregnancy. So after my prenatal visit we discovered that I am making cervical changes. And at 31 weeks, it is not so ideal. So I am now taking it VERY easy. I can't have a home birth if I go into labor before full-term at 37 weeks. I am not on bed rest but I have cut out just about everything I can so I can take December very easy. Little Adelaide must stay put for one more month!!

Check out Nashville Doulas!
Our grand opening is on Monday, December 14th at 6pm

I love this amazing group of women and I can't wait to fully launch and start supporting Nashville's pregnant mamas. 

Genevieve and Christmas Time Preparation:

Sweet Adelaide,
We had a minor scare this month. I am so excited to meet you but I know a few more weeks will only help you grow nice and big. I would love to welcome you earth-side in the comforts of our home, so please hang in there for another month. Your movement is so intense right now that I feel like I can hold your hand through my skin. And I now know that your most active time will be around 7-10pm. That will be daddy's shift once you arrive ;) Oh sweet girl, we are in our final weeks and I am savoring each and every day. 

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