November 6, 2015

Month 7 - Baby #2

Month 7
October 4th - October 31st

The month of October flew by! It was insanely busy with births, teaching childbirth classes, Michael out of town, and working on a new business (I can't wait to share about the new work adventure I am on). 

I love autumn. 
We visited a pumpkin patch, played with lots of friends, dressed up for Halloween, and explored the city. We decided to go to 'Boo at the Zoo' with all of our baby friends and it was a blast! It will be an annual tradition, for sure. Genevieve especially loved the dance party. She was a bird (lark), I was a mama bird growing a sparrow, and Michael was a bird watcher :) 

This last month has been really hard for me. I am putting in almost 60 hours a week starting a new business and I have Genevieve full-time (not to mention my birth clients). I've had to be incredibly intentional with my time and make sure there are moments during the day when I'm giving her my undivided attention. Next year we will be looking at mother's day out programs so I can get a little more work done and actually enjoy my time with her. This age is just really challenging and working full-time from home and being pregnant exacerbates the trials of toddler-hood. It's hard to believe that I only have a couple of months of just Genevieve in my life. I am trying to cherish it all despite the tantrums and strong-willed moments. I am already seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as she becomes more independent. 

I will probably share about it in all my posts, but I really am so grateful that I've made self-care a priority. I am doing a prenatal massage monthly, chiropractor twice a month, yoga weekly, float tank monthly, and acupuncture three times a month. It is the only moment in my life right now that I am not working or caring for Genevieve. My brain is packed full and I almost never stop during the day. All of these self-care activities that I am doing help me be still, breath, and focus on the new life about to join our family. Not to mention, I have an incredible amount of energy and this pregnancy has been a breeze in terms of aches and pains because of all the therapy. And we are now in the third trimester!
My birth team!

Sweet Adelaide,
You are really making yourself known! You are growing so big and strong. My body is already preparing for your arrival with practice contractions. It actually makes me really excited for that moment when I know your arrival is here. We are now in the final trimester of pregnancy. I've been so busy these last few months but I am relishing the times during the week that I can sit and think about you. I haven't entered into nesting mode yet, but it will happen soon. You really will be here before we know it. Just a few more holidays and then we will be ready :)
Love, Mama

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