November 11, 2015

A 2 year old party of animals

Genevieve turned 2!
I have a little girl who is growing to be so independent and her own person.
We celebrated this year with her 3 "best friends." She is truly obsessed with Daniel Tiger on PBS so we decided to do an animal theme party - dress up and all. I had high hopes for face paint but she wouldn't sit for it, so we had about 30 seconds to transform her into a tiger. But she loved the balloons and bubbles. Michael and I were a zebra and elephant and we also had a cat, lion, koala, and bunny. 
When she woke up on her birthday, she walked out into the dining room and was in awe of the decorations. The look on her face was magical. I spent the night before icing her cake and getting everything ready and I wanted to pinch myself. I always dreamed of my children's birthdays and here I was. And we had to top off her birthday with a walk in the park with her red birthday balloon tradition. 
My Sweet Genevieve,
We made it 2 years! This last year you learned how to walk and talk. What huge milestones! 
At 2 you weigh - 25lbs 12oz and you're right about 3 feet tall.

-You absolutely love climbing slides and ladders (and all furniture in the house)
-Wrestling with Dada
-Eating yogurt
-Painting and coloring 
-Any activity that has to do with putting little pieces of anything from one bowl to another
-Splashing in water and playing with soap
-Dancing to Tay Tay (Taylor Swift)
-Going on walks in the park
-Playing with your friends - Nora, Harper, and Edmond
-Watching "Tigey" (Daniel Tiger)
-Cuddling your baby doll
-Kissing mama's baby (my pregnant belly)
-Reciting our poem together every night (Wherever you are my love will find you)

This last year has been full of giggles and tantrums and kisses and fussiness. Some days you refuse to eat and sleep and others you are smiles all day as you explore the world around you. We are already turning a corner as you are learning to communicate so much more. In two months you will be a big sister and I know you will age in a blink of an eye. 

Our world has forever changed because you are in it. Thank you for being my daughter, who is uniquely you. I love you, Genevieve Lark!

Love, Mama

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