October 11, 2015

Month 6 - Baby #2

Month 6
September 6th - October 3rd
Mine and Michael's birthdays, beach vacation, beautiful hiking, autumn equinox, and last trip to the lake - it's been a busy month!

I have loved the time I have had with my family. It was the first time in over a year where I had two whole weeks off-call from births, and it's been wonderful! I will say that vacations with toddlers are not relaxing in the slightest, but it was nice to have a change of pace. Genevieve loved the sand for about 10 minutes and then she was done. She is just starting to 'run off' now that her walking has turned into more of a scamper. So it felt like I was constantly grabbing her. I brought a book to read at the beach. Ha. That did not happen. But there were enough adults for us to take small shifts and get a little break from toddler patrol. 

Pregnancy has been somewhat uneventful this last month. I was telling Michael that I feel way more pregnant now, and lo and behold, I gained almost 10 pounds this last month! No wonder I am already waddling. You can see the difference in weeks 20 and 21. Baby popped. My energy is way better and I am loving the self-care of prenatal yoga, massage, and chiropractic care. They have helped immensely. One month away from the 3rd trimester!

Genevieve is feistier than ever. Not going to lie, not my favorite age. Lots of melt downs and fussy fits because our ability to communicate is minimal. It is certainly getting better with each passing day but I know I will feel a little more empowered as a mother once I can talk to her - even if that means she becomes more strong-willed! After a nasty fall she took at the beach, she has been on a nursing spree. I thought we were on our way out but she is for the first time asking to nurse. She calls milk 'ent' (not sure where that comes from) but we still nurse about once a day. We shall see when it ends, I am just soaking it up right now. My frustration with toddlerhood is high but the love I have for my daughter is increasing. She is hilarious and has weird quirks about her. I feel like I am really just getting to know her as an individual. She adores my belly and wants to snuggle the baby all day long. I can't wait to see her as a big sister!

My sweet Adelaide,
Your kicks are getting so strong. I love it :) Doing prenatal yoga has helped me set time aside to connect and bond with you, and I love that, too! Your big sister wants to kiss my belly and smush her face into your home. She calls you 'Addie' and is starting to nurture her own baby doll in preparation for your arrival. We are slowly approaching the final leg of this pregnancy journey and before you know it, I'll be washing newborn clothes and getting your bed set up next to mine. Every kick you make reminds your daddy and me how much we can't wait for you to join our family!
Love, Mama