August 12, 2015

Month 4 - Baby #2

Month 4
July 11th - August 7th 
What a month it has been!

We took a leap and put our basement apartment on Airbnb this month. We were renting it out long-term for the last 3 years but now we are renting it out on weekends and then I'll teach childbirth classes in the space during the week. We were pleasantly surprised to have every weekend booked for the next 3 months in less than 2 weeks. It certainly feels like a part-time job but I am already enjoying it. Check it out! And with 3 marathon births this past month, I am getting ready for things to slow things down. I have clients through December, but my work will gradually decrease, just in time for me to focus on my upcoming birth.

Genevieve is growing so much in these last few weeks.
Her big milestone was learning to climb up the slide and go down by herself. It seems so insignificant in the grand scheme of things but it feels like a huge step of independence to me. She would go down a slide for hours at a time. So we've tried out every park in our area and given her lots of slide time.

The other big milestone is the weaning process.
I knew I wanted to breastfeed until 1 year. And then my goal was 18 months. Then I was sure we would go to 2 years, until I got pregnant. Pregnancy changed the game a little. Not only was I sore, but the shift in hormones changed my milk consistency. Right at the 2nd trimester mark Genevieve refused to breastfeed when she woke up from a nap. I was crushed! Just a few weeks ago she was nursing all. day. long. I was sure we would be tandem nursing when baby #2 arrived, but almost overnight her desire to nurse has decreased. We are now down to one feeding when she wakes up (5 minutes max) and maybe a 15 second nursing session in the middle of the day. She doesn't ask for it anymore, though. It's been completely led by her, which helps in the process but it's certainly bittersweet. I knew I didn't really want to nurse two at the same time so I expected that weaning was around the corner, but it is never easy when you are facing it. My body needs the change, though. I can tell it is trying to decide between producing milk for Genevieve or nourishing the growing baby. I am just not eating enough calorie to do both. I'll just take it one day at a time and try not to think too much about that final nursing session. My baby is no longer a baby!!

Pregnancy the second time around is so different because my focus is on my toddler. I forget all the time that I am actually pregnant. By the end of this month I started to really 'pop' and August 7th, I felt the first kick. I am starting to find myself get more and more introspective as the reality of a second baby hits me. I was hoping for a dramatic 2nd trimester shift but I still feel icky around 2 - 4pm. Not as queasy but still very tired. It's not been as easy as my first pregnancy but it is certainly flying by! We are trying our best to soak in all our family of 3 moments.
Sweet Baby,
Oh that magical kick. It's making this whole process so real. Your daddy is anxious to feel that movement himself. It won't be long now. Your big sister is slowly ending our nursing relationship just in time for it to be your turn. I can't believe it is almost time to nourish another little one. We can't wait for those newborn cuddles and coos. But I know you are just an avocado sized baby with so much growing left to do. Take your time! We love you. 

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