July 21, 2015

Month 2 - Baby #2

And so our new journey begins.
We found out we were pregnant with baby #2 on May 12th after I got home from a wonderful doula birth. Even though this was very much planned, seeing a positive pregnancy test is always a shock. Unlike with Genevieve, we got pregnant super fast and I think I was a little surprised when it actually happened.
Finding out with Genevieve
   Finding out with Baby #2
Genevieve has no clue what is about to happen ;) But it is so sweet that she calls my belly 'baby' and wants to kiss it all the time. Goodness, I love her. 
And so the monthly updates begin. 

Month Two 

May 16th - June 12th

Week 4: We just found out we were pregnant, no symptoms yet - just excitement!
Week 5: My first real symptom of pregnancy was feeling cold all the time. I would wear long sleeves indoors and get relief in the hot summer weather. Was not expecting that symptom. And I started feeling a little bloated. 
Week 6: Morning sickness, or really evening/all-day sickness started this week. The exhaustion and queasiness felt like being car sick and jet lagged all day long. I was dizzy and had a hard time sleeping. This was the first time I felt round ligament pain when I sneezed. I was so grateful that I didn't have any births this week!
Week 7: Breastfeeding started to hurt this week. Genevieve's lazy toddler latch was not comfortable! I had allergies every night, waking me up at 2am. The queasiness and exhaustion remained with some crampiness at night. 

Other highlights:
-We celebrated our 5th anniversary. I showed up late to our lovely reservation after a 12 hour labor, in my scrubs and totally disheveled, but it was still a great night.
-I attended 5 births this month and learned how to handle long hours with pregnancy symptoms.
-I gave myself a 'we got pregnant' gift and bought a new couch. Nothing monumental in the grand scheme of things but we hardly ever buy new furniture and it was the perfect time to do it. Our old pallet bed/couch turned into a big girl bed for Genevieve for her to adjust to before baby #2 comes. She could read books on your bed for hours.
-We celebrated my niece, and Genevieve's best friend, Nora's birthday.
-We spent many hours outdoors working on our garden and swimming in the pool.

Sweet Baby,
I am not going to lie, some days I forget I am pregnant. I mean the queasiness and exhaustion reminds me that something is up, but your big sister keeps me plenty busy! I've had a few moments where it catches me off guard and I get teary-eyed thinking about another precious soul joining our family. And you are already making a little appearance. I didn't expect to show quite this soon. I can't wait to spend some quiet time, just me and you, bonding while you grow inside of me. We already long for you!
Love, Mama 

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  1. Lovely family !
    This is Rianne from Holland now living in Switzerland, Me and my husband did DTS together with Michael in Lausanne... That's how I ones found this blog! I love reading about your inspiring life as a family! During my first pregnancy I enjoyed every update you wrote...Genevieve was born one month before our daughter....so much to relate to, so much I recognized! Now we're again pregnant at the same time (by the end of January we expect our second miracle), I am looking forward to all your updates and pictures and wish you a very special pregnancy!
    Even though we do not know each other I feel connected because of the same stages in life we are in! Thank you Merryl
    Blessings Rianne (Frans and Nadia)