November 12, 2014

A party for my one year old.

Our sweet Genevieve's first birthday is in the books. And what a sweet day it was. 
We had breakfast at Sky Blue Cafe with Omi, Abi (Michael's parents), and Uncle Timothy, and then celebrated that night at Babu and Bibi's house (my parents), surrounded by friends and family.

When I envisioned my child's first birthday, a Pinterest board was immediately put into action.
I love celebrations, holidays, and going over the top - I get that from my mom. But I started reading a great book "Heaven on Earth: A Handbook for Parents of Young Children" by Sharifa Oppenheimer and it talked about simple birthday parties honoring the child. She states:

There can be a tendency, even among parents of very young children, to have a "keeping up with the Joneses" attitude about children's birthday parties. You can avoid this whole trap by stepping into another paradigm. You can create a simple, lovely atmosphere in which the children are healthily engaged, the decor is a reflection of your family's sense of beauty, not an advertiser's dream, and the birthday child is honored and celebrated in an age-appropriate way.

So I ditched all my themes and kept it simple. I decided lots of color, balloons, and party hats were the way to go. And it was so lovely. I also decided that Genevieve's favorite color is red. We get to do that, right? ;) It was so sweet being surrounded by other little ones, family, and friends.  

Thank you, Felicia - for documenting Genevieve's party!

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  1. Cuteness is overloaded in this first birthday party for your kid. I am really in love with these chic photos. We also would be celebrating our twin’s first birthday soon but are not able to decide on the theme as well as party location. I want to go with one of the indoor LA event venues whereas my hubby wants an outdoor party. It’s funny but we will sort it out soon.