November 7, 2014

1 Year of Life

And just like that, we have a toddler. 
Genevieve Lark is One.
New parents hear at least once a week, "Oh it goes by so fast!" I used to think that was obnoxious. But I was wrong--it does go by so fast!

And as bittersweet as it is that my little baby is no longer a little baby, we are beyond excited to have an emerging child, an individual, who is starting to really engage and interact with her surroundings.

I feel more terrified and thrilled at the thought of parenting now than I did when she was just seconds old. The first year was all about keeping this baby alive and healthy, now I am venturing into raising and shaping a human being. Whoa. It is a tremendous responsibility but one that I feel honored to bear and blessed that I share that role with Michael. 

We have such a sweet girl.

She is so very cautious and yet excited to explore the world around her.

Her blue eyes will look into your soul when she stares at you, and she will stare at you.

She likes to observe a room before engaging in it. She has to know her surroundings.

Once she warms up, she will offer smiles and kisses right and left.

She can be so stubborn at times and is already showing us what the future holds with toddler fits.

She likes throwing her food on the floor. 

Her emotions can go from giggling to screaming and back to giggling in a matter of seconds. 

And she is very sensitive and knows when she has disappointed us.

Only just recently, she consistently cuddles us as we get ready to put her to bed, which is incredibly sweet.

She asks for 'milk' and comes scooting to wherever I am.

Books are her absolute favorite. If it's silent, I know she is in her room reading books. She would do that for hours if I let her. That and bath time. Goodness, she loves splashing in water.

When she gets worked up and has a hard time processing all her emotions, we strap her in the ergo and go for walks. Nature calms her every time. Her first year of life will be marked by hiking all over Middle Tennessee. Those will always be such beautiful and sweet family moments. 

And really those kind of moments characterize this whole year, those seconds in time that make this life we live so precious.
  • Thursday, November 7th, 2013 at 3:57pm - Genevieve Lark was born into this world in the comforts of our home. 
  • December 28th - first smile
  • Week 11 (End of January) - she started cooing 
  • February 25th, 2014 - she giggled for the first time
  • March 22nd (19 weeks) - rolled over 
  • April 20th (on Easter) - she tried her first solid food - egg yolk
  • April 25th - starting to sit up on her own 
  • May 6th - her first tooth popped through
  • May 17th - started saying "dada"
  • June 24th (7 months) - she moved into her own room
  • June 26th - started saying "mama"
  • July 7th - learned to sign 'more'
  • September 30th - October 15th - all 4 top teeth broke through (worst weeks of the first year)
  • October 4th - she is mobile! Started scooting around everywhere 
  • October 21st - says "uh oh"
-Still no interest in crawling but scoots just as effectively. Apparently she likes to do things her way.
-Stands supported and moves around holding furniture
-Says "mama, dada, uh oh, and wow" and just this morning says "Gotham"
-Follows simple commands
-Has 6 teeth with a few more on their way
-Loves books and mirrors
-Signs 'more' and 'milk'
-Sleeps through the night...finally
-Just started taking a pacifier at bedtime
Sweet Genevieve,
This is your last monthly update. We are about to celebrate your 1st year of life. 
You have grown leaps and bounds in the last 12 months - or really the last 21 months ;) 
From a sleepy newborn to an active toddler, this has been a landmark year for your dada and me. You are a sweet soul with curious eyes. You love to watch the world around you and observe before engaging. You are cautious with your actions and then you jump right in. Already you show so much independence and spunk. It has been such a pleasure to cuddle you, feed you, kiss you, and care for you this last year. Now that you are a toddler, it really feels like we are just beginning. What a joy you are to our little family. Year 2 will hold so many adventures!

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