July 14, 2014

Rock Island State Park

I am so behind on blogging about this state park. We went here over a month ago and I am just now managing to get this blog together. 

Rock Island is absolutely breathtaking. I mean gorgeous. There were so many waterfalls and waterholes. It was definitely not a hike for the faint of heart. Genevieve was strapped to Michael and we walked up the river bed, jumping over rapids, climbing boulders, scaling rocks. I mean it was intense. I actually developed mastitis from wearing a tight backpack and overexerting myself. I have never worked those muscles so hard before. But goodness the surroundings made it worth it. 

It has been great to go hiking during the summer because we can actually cool off in the water. And Tennessee has so many beautiful waterfalls. I am looking forward to our next park!

July 8, 2014

8 months!?!

This last month has been one of my favorites! 
(Yes, I say that every month...)
I know my blog has turned into a flood of baby pictures and random events, but it is my way of documenting my daughter's growth. And I've already loved going back and seeing all the milestones. One day I hope to blog about other things as well ;)

-We started her 8th month of life with the World Cup. Last time we celebrated the World Cup we were in our first month of marriage. It is crazy how far we've come in the last four years. 
-We also took our first official family vacation to Asheville. 
-Genevieve visited my office multiple times this month and I even managed to get her to take naps there.
-We continued to enjoy our pool and local splash pad. 
-We went bridal dress shopping with two different friends getting married this year. 
-And Genevieve experienced her first 4th of July.

Other major milestones for Genevieve:
-said "mama" for the first time!
-can sit up on her own no problem.
-stands upright holding on to the side of the couch or coffee table.
-officially sleeps in her crib at night...for the most part.
-has no interest in crawling, whatsoever.
-plays in the nursery by herself.
-eats all sorts of food and actually eats it - chicken, rice, oatmeal, squash, cucumber, and sweet potatoes, to name a few.
Sweet Genevieve,
You are growing so quickly! At least a few times a week I will hear someone say, "They grow up so fast!" It makes me feel a little sad but it really is true. You are closer to a toddler than a baby! I can now see your personality coming through. This month you started sleeping in your own room, actually swallowing solid food, and you now play in the nursery by yourself. You love playing with your blocks and shape sorter. It's so hard to believe how quickly it is going. But it is beyond exciting to watch you become an individual. We are starting to be able to communicate with you and you are just so much fun to be with. Both your daddy and I get so excited for the first morning feed when you join us in bed and we get to cuddle you. Experiencing this world through your eyes makes every hard moment worth it. You are worth it. And we love you more than the thousands of kisses we give you every day!