May 7, 2014

Half a year old!

We are 6 months postpartum. 
I have a baby that is half a year old. 
Genevieve weighs 16 lbs 11 oz and is 26.5 inches long. 
This last month has been challenging. Since she hit the sleep regression at 4 months, it really hasn't been much better. It actually got worse. After talking to some mamas and doing some reading it finally clicked with me that babies are not linear, they are cyclical. I am someone that likes to check off boxes and move on to the next thing. I like routine and rhythm. Babies keep changing their routine and rhythm. At 3 months I developed a system that worked great but didn't think to adjust our schedule when she started hitting these big milestones at 4-6 months. Well after some sleepless nights, tears, and exhaustion, we are starting to get back into a routine (which will probably last a few weeks and I will have to start a new one ;)

Some highlights of Month 6:
-Right at 6 months her first tooth broke through! I was so excited. 
-I finally got to put a swim suit on her! I love the warm weather. 
-Genevieve is a very easy going baby. The freezing hose water, the hot bath, cousins grabbing and touching her, the sun in her eyes, loud noises - she doesn't seem bothered by these things. 
-My prayer while Genevieve was in-utero was for a happy, joyful baby (hence the middle name Lark). Those first few months were a little rough but now she is so content. She will give anyone a smile, is happily passed around, and can just sit in the room entertaining herself...until about 6:30 :) 
-We celebrated Easter and Earth Day this month. Two holidays celebrating life. I love this time of year.
-Big adjustments this month - we started dappling in food! 
Genevieve's first real food was egg yolk from our hens (soft-boiled). She had no clue know what to make of it. She also tried some water and her faces were priceless. We are trying something called baby-led weaning and we are so excited about it. Pretty much we will be eliminating the pureed stage of feeding. Genevieve will primarily be feeding herself with whole food. We started off with food like: banana, avocado, tomatoes, and roasted red peppers. I will blog more about this BLW journey as the months progress.

I just love new milestones and growth. I am trying to stay focused on the all the great things we are learning and embracing the present so I don't get too sad at how quickly she changes. It is all an exciting adventure we are on. 

My Darling Genevieve,
You are the most content baby I know. Strangers comment on how sweet you are. When anyone with a high pitch greeting approaches you, you give them the biggest grin. Your laughs are contagious and your cuddles are the best. You have started raising your arms and grasping the air. You even manage to put your left fist in your mouth every time daddy lifts you up. Big news - you broke your first tooth this month! I didn't realize how exciting that can be. Now I understand why you have been feeding so much lately. Oh, introducing you to food has been lots of fun. You like pickles and tomatoes, but you are not so sure about bananas, carrots, and avocado. We want you to love and appreciate food the same way we do. You will be cooking in the kitchen in no time! This last month has been rough in the sleeping department. You wake multiple times at night. But we are learning tricks to help you sleep and embracing these cuddles. I know in the future you won't need me as much as you do now and I don't want to rush you becoming 'independent'. Both your dad and I love the way we are attached and connected to you. We will always be here for you. There are so many great months ahead - cousin Nora will be here soon, more baby playtime with Edmond, swimming, gardening, and long evening walks. You are our treasure and joy. I love you, sweet girl.