April 9, 2014

Five Months Old

My daughter is 5 months old and I love her.
Each month gets better and better and better. 

Highlights from this last month:
-We celebrated Bibi's and cousin Liam's birthday
-We celebrated two baby showers and two wedding showers
-Genevieve was so strong as I battled a week of being sick
-More state parks were explored
-We visited the zoo for the first time

Genevieve now: 
-Rolls over!
-Loves chewing on her fingers and toes
-Moved from the co-sleeper to a pack-n-play but still in our room. We are definitely not ready for her to be in the nursery. Just taking it one day at a time.
-She is starting to get better about feedings at night. During the height of her 4-month sleep regression she was waking up over 4 times at night. Now she down to 1 - 2 times at night. Hopefully her body clock will work itself out soon!
-She loves sitting up. She can not do it for a very long time but I bet one month from now she will be sitting up on her own!
-She is starting to show interest in food. We place her in the bumbo during dinner and she watches us intently as we eat. Step one to introducing solids soon. 
-Although we are starting to develop a little separation anxiety when I leave, she is also giving the best smiles to strangers and acquaintances. She is also recognizing familiar faces, which is a lot of fun. 
Hanging out with Edmond

First trip to the zoo!

I don't want to forget the crazy way she sleeps during naps!
Leaving the co-sleeper for the pack-n-play
Ring sling date night

My sweet Genevieve,
I know I say this over and over but I seriously can't believe that every day I find my love for you growing. We are both starting to develop separation anxiety. It is so hard to say goodbye to you when I go to work, but the moment I get to see you again brings so much joy, for both us! You are now giving smiles right and left to anyone who says hi. I love watching you interact with strangers and the smile you get when you recognize a familiar face. You love sitting in the bumbo watching daddy cook, having your feet kissed, and bedtime stories. Hopefully you will never get tired of the silly PJ song we sing to you every night when getting your pajamas on. So soon you will be sitting up on your own and exploring food. You are becoming more and more independent... but not too fast! We still love our morning cuddles in bed. You are our joy. Here's to another month of exploring and growing!

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