March 31, 2014

Montgomery Bell & Bledsoe State Park

Finding time to blog our adventures is difficult with work and baby so I am catching up now. Here are two of our latest parks:

Montgomery Bell State Park
Our next state park was Montgomery Bell State Park. We were so happy to have Jonathan, Rebecca, and Edmond Moody join us. It was great sharing our hiking adventure with another family, although hiking with 2 babies makes for a long hike! The hike was about 6 miles. 

-So much beautiful terrain - creeks, hills, woods, lakes, fields - I loved the variety.
-It is a pretty big park so at times we felt far away from civilization.
-The company!

Not so great:
-Because it is a big park, there are a lot of amenities so we walked by a golf course, roads, and railroads for part of the hike, not so rustic.
-The beginning and end of the hike were beautiful but the middle portion was not that great. Unfortunately, there is no way around that. 

It really was a beautiful park, though, and I definitely want to go back when park turns green!

Bledsoe State Park
Spring is in the air! I am so ready for the warm weather to stay. We spent another weekend checking a park off our list. This time we drove north towards Hendersonville to Bledsoe State Park. 

-There were so many deer! We probably saw 30+ deer on our hike.
-There was a mix of terrain - private farm land on one side and the river on the other. It was beautiful.

Not so great:
-It was a pretty small park so you couldn't get far away from the road and the entire park loop was only 3 miles long. 
-Half the trail was in the woods but the second half, near the river, was full of RVs and campers. So it wasn't my favorite park. We are glad we went but we probably won't be back. 
We are loving these park adventures. 
I love our snuggles in the carrier and a chance to get some fresh air and exercise. 
I can't believe we have already been to 9 state parks!

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