March 14, 2014

Four Months Old!

We have a 4 month old baby and she is such a joy.
I feel like Genevieve is now showing more and more of her personality. It is the beginning of her ability to interact with the world, which is just so much fun. I am sure I will feel like this at every month but each month just gets better and better! She discovered her fingers and her feet. She coos and cackles at just about anything and she wants to put everything in her mouth. As I type this, Michael has her in the ring sling as he prepares dinner. She is so much more content just watching everything we do. I can tell she is an observer. She enjoys sitting in the crib looking at her toys and is very happy entertaining herself.

The long evenings of fussiness have started to fizzle. We certainly still have our moments, but overall Genevieve is much less fussy. What I have been dealing with is the dreaded 4-month sleep regression. Month three Genevieve would sleep 8 - 10 hours straight at night. Now we are back to one to two feedings at night. However, each night she is slowly getting back to sleeping more. Thankfully, she takes two to three great naps during the day. Sometimes as long as three hours each. I am very grateful for a good sleeper. 

Month 4 highlights:
-First giggle on February 25th!
-Can sit unassisted for a few seconds by leaning over using her hands. We call it the gorilla pose.
-'Talks' all day and night long ;)
-Sits in the bumbo and watches me clean and cook
-Loves bath time
-Explored two more state parks
-Met the chickens
-Found her fingers
-Chews and drools on everything!

The gorilla pose
My Sweet Genevieve,
I longed for the moment that you looked at me and smiled. Now I get your darling grin every time you look at me. I love when I hear you stir in the morning and I open my eyes to your big smile. Thank you for being patient with me while I learn to balance work, home, and my new mommy role. It has been an adjustment for us all. We know each other so much better now. You seem much more relaxed and comfortable with this new life you have. You are an observer. You take in the surroundings and enjoy watching everyone go about their day. I can tell you are going to be a thinker, like your dad. You are starting to look more like your daddy, too. Which I think is perfect. I love that I can see both of us in you. You chew on everything, drool on everything, and you are starting to grab things. There is so much world to discover! I am so excited to have the privilege of exploring the world through your eyes in these upcoming months and years. You are my sweet girl.

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