February 26, 2014

Cedars of Lebanon State Park

Nashville had another gorgeous weekend and we were not going to miss the opportunity to head outdoors. We spent our Saturday at Cedars of Lebanon State Park. This park is 900 acres and is the home to a unique ecosystem, the cedar glades. This ecosystem is made up of shallow soil sitting right above limestone, creating stony gardens. Tennessee is one of the few places that cedar glades can be found. Surrounding the glades are lovely cedar groves. I loved the mix of moss, lush cedar woods and open glades, similar to a prairie. This would be a beautiful park to visit when it is green again. 

The Hidden Springs trail was the perfect 5 mile loop for us. We walked through open glades, cedar groves and across streams. It was a pretty flat trail and a great length for a 2 hour hike. 

(Note to self, if you are going to the park the day after a storm, the trails will be VERY muddy)
One skill I practiced- breastfeeding and hiking :) Baby wearing really is the best!
Where will our next park adventure be??

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