January 29, 2014

State Park Adventures: Harpeth River

Michael and I love to hike. And Tennessee is the perfect state for hiking! We decided that we want to explore as many Tennessee State Parks as we can. There are 54 state parks in Tennessee but we will start with the 22 closest to us.
Genevieve has already been to two of the parks 'in utero'. I plan on taking her back now that she can actually experience the park but we will save those for once we have explored all the others.  
This has been an incredibly cold winter so at the first opportunity to enjoy the outdoors - we jumped on it. We spent our Martin Luther King Jr Day at the Harpeth River State Park. It was so lovely spending time with my family of 3. It was Genevieve's first time in her ergo carrier and it was so great exploring the bluff and river with her. Genevieve loved it! Oh, and we've become experts at using the self-timer ;)

We hiked along the 'Narrows of the Harpeth'. There wasn't any long trail but rather 3 short trails. One took us way up on top of the bluff, another followed the river, and the third took us to one of the first 'full-scale' man made tunnels, built in 1818. This is also the park where many people go canoeing and kayaking. I can't wait for Genevieve's first canoe trip!

So many more adventures ahead!

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