January 10, 2014

My 2 month baby

Genevieve is 2 months old!
And she is getting huge. 
She weighs 11 lbs 8 oz and is 24 inches long. 
That puts her in the 85th percentile for weight and 97th percentile for length. Which is crazy considering her birth weight had her in the 10th percentile. Week 5 - 6 she sprouted overnight. She wore newborn clothes the first 4 weeks of life and is now in a solid 0 -3 months. I was a chunky baby and I certainly have a chunky baby, too. It actually makes me feel so powerful that my body is making the food she needs. I am grateful for the intimacy breastfeeding brings me and Genevieve. Going from carrying my baby every day for 9 months to being separated was tough emotionally. But having breastfeeding has helped me maintain the connection with her. 

The first 4 weeks were so special because of the newness of it all but every week that follows brings so much more joy. Watching her hold her head up, putting weight on her legs, making contact with our eyes and now the smiles - all of these milestones are so much fun! 

I am learning that with each stage comes joys and challenges. My goodness week 7 - 8 have been terribly fussy! We have had quite a few nights of Genevieve being a total fuss bucket. It is exhausting! As a new parent it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what is wrong. Diaper is clean, I just fed her, she burped, she's not too warm or too cold, no fever, I am off dairy, she gets adjusted at the chiropractor weekly, her pediatrician said she was totally fine - so why the tears?? Michael keeps reminding me that we are still in the 4th trimester. Genevieve is only 60 days old and everything is new to her. So during her fussy fits we just hold, rock, and kiss our sweet girl. This has definitely taught me to put my to-do list and daily expectations on hold because some days my daughter needs me to simply hold her all day long. And those days are tough. I am someone that always has to be 'doing' and multi-tasking but I am certainly learning to slow down. I know this season is short and we will get through it. In the last few days we have already seen such a happy baby emerge. I am hoping week 8 is our peak of long, hard evenings. But those quiet alert, smiley moments are making the tears worth it! One day at a time!

Genevieve is also the most expressive baby around. She makes 100 faces a minute. We can sit and watch her for hours. It is so fun to get a small taste of interacting with her. I have been anxiously waiting for these smiles. She has been grinning for a while now but week 7 was when we got to see her first real smile. When she looks at me and smiles, my goodness, I melt. It makes such a huge difference having a baby that can interact with you. I no longer feel like a feeding machine. A few nights ago I actually got emotional feeling so much love for my daughter as she stared into my eyes. I mean seriously, it was like the moment I feel in love with her. 

This month has been another month of so many firsts:
1. Genevieve met her first baby friend.
2. We celebrated our first Christmas
3. And also celebrated our first New Year's Eve
4. We had our first picnics at the park
5. She got to see downtown Nashville
6. And best of all we had our first smile!!

Other big news this month, Lauren and Evan are having a girl!!
Little Nora Marjorie will arrive at the end of May and I am so excited for Genevieve and Nora to have each other growing up. 
Our dear friends, Jonathan and Becca, welcomed their son Edmond into the world. They were our pregnant buddies and now we get to share parenthood together. It is such a sweet time. And once again, so grateful to walk through the same season of life with these friends. 

Of course it was a big month celebrating Genevieve's first Christmas! Being around family as we start our new family is very special. Christmas felt so much more magical holding my little daughter. I am so excited for next year when she is a 1 year old and interacting with all the festivities! 
My mother-in-law, Omi (as Genevieve knows her), made the girl granddaughters these adorable tutus. Genevieve wasn't too sure about dress up but I know she will grow into it. Her cousin, Ellis, knew exactly how to sport the outfit and will have to teach Genevieve the ropes. I am so happy that Genevieve has girl cousins her age on both sides of the family!
Our first New Year's was not quite as memorable. Staying up until midnight was a feat! I am used to an early bedtime but I was determined to stay up for the midnight champagne toast. We had Evan and Lauren and Becca and Jonathan over. It was the perfect pace for 1 pregnant mama and 2 new mamas. 
And Genevieve got to see her friend Edmond again. (Note the matching everything :) Totally unplanned - we have the same bouncer seat, pacifier, and diaper bag!)
Thankfully month 2 had many beautiful, warm days before the arctic weather hit. So we took advantage and went to the park and took walks around downtown Nashville. 
Sweet Genevieve,
You are so big! I can't believe it. Every day we love watching you emerge as a individual. It's like you are awakening to this new world. Goodness your expressions are the sweetest. When you smile at me it's like my heart is about to explode. Who would have thought a simple smile could stir up so much emotion! We know it can be tough and overwhelming being so new to this world. Some days you let us know and we just hold you and sing to you. Don't worry, you can always count on me to rock you and comfort you when you are upset. It has only been 60 days so we are still learning all about each other. Thank you for the nights where you sleep for 7 hours. Those make me so happy. But if you need to nurse every 3 hours, I will cherish the closeness too. You have shifted all my priorities. Knowing you are growing and happy is my greatest joy. Oh we have so many exciting days ahead! 

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