October 24, 2013

Week 35 and Nursery Tour!

Week 35
October 14 - 20
We took a picture at the grocery store because I do not like honeydew melon and I was not about to buy it just for this picture!
This week the exhaustion continues but I have a little more motivation to get things done. I am actually sleeping better than I was last week - which is such a blessing! (Do you see the sleepy trend?) 3rd trimester has taken more out of me than I expected but Michael and I are now in a routine and it is starting to feel manageable. I am praying that my stamina keeps up in the final weeks so I am not too uncomfortable or anxious. Currently, the plan is to work until she arrives - with some working at home in the mix. But at least through October I will be going into work everyday which helps me stay busy. It is crazy to think that full term is in 2 weeks. In 2 weeks we will be clear for a home birth and she is not showing signs of showing up before then. Just taking it one day at a time. 
I am excited to finally have our nursery complete.
It's amazing how much has come together in the last 9 months!
The weekend I found out I was pregnant I decided to paint the nursery. I've been itching to get it completely finished since then. 
Overall, I kept it neutral with no real theme. I just added things I liked. I love that this room gets so much light and has an airy feel to it. Between Ikea, DIY projects, and international finds - I am so happy with how it all turned out. 
 I like simple so we stuck with Ikea for our crib.
I bought this fabric 3 years ago knowing I would use it in a future nursery. It reminds me of Richard Scarry, whom I love! I mean giraffes riding strawberries?!? Yes please :)
I just love this quilt that my dear friend and doula made for me. Thank you, Karlie!
And a nursery would not be complete without a beautiful crocheted blanket from my mother-in-law. Thank you, Omi!
We have an Ikea trend. The chair, curtains and lamp all come from "Sweden". We made the footstool out of an old crate and I upholstered the top with some fabric I got in India. It opens up and holds all of our baby quilts and blankets. I loved this tree purse from India but it was falling apart, so I re-purposed it as a pillow!
For the end table I wanted something small, just enough room for a cup and a few books. Michael came up with the idea of using a milk jug. He found one on craigslist, cleaned it up and added a wooden top. I love it!
Another re-purposed piece of furniture filling up with all my favorite children's books. 
And what's a nursery without Sophie the Giraffe.
I love my new diaper bag from Skip Hop! I can't wait to use it.
And our Sakura Bloom Ring Sling and handmade wrap ready for Genevieve. 
I liked the idea of using a dresser with a changing pad on top. Changing tables seem like extra furniture to me. My mother-in-law gave us this dresser that we painted and added new knobs to.
All my adorable cloth diapers are in a galvanized tub next to the dresser. 
With little space in our house, I had to keep one corner as my 'craft corner'. I downsized all my supplies and put them in white shoe boxes (from Ikea, of course). We then painted an old file cabinet for all my fabric. This will work until Genevieve starts to crawl, then we will have to readjust! At lease we have some time before then.
Michael wanted a place to sit in the nursery as well. So we kept this director's chair from World Market so he would have a place to join me. 
I know, I know, birds are a little over done these days. But I can't help it. I love birds and my daughter's middle name is Lark!
I bought these adorable wooden birds in India. 
Bird banner that the Fischer family got me when they found out I was pregnant. 
I love these prints.
All the pen and ink pieces are mine.
The colorful prints are made by Leah Duncan.
Lauren is making a beautiful Alphabet animal book. 
The pictures are still in the process of being edited but once she is done with the images I will put a poster of my favorite animals in here. Until then, I have the "G" from the book to fill the frame. 
'Tree of Life' painting I bought in India. 
Wooden mobile I bought in Uganda.
And this is what week 36 looks like! 

Sweet Genevieve,
Your room is all ready for you. 
You are welcome to join us in 2 weeks ;)
We love you.  


  1. fabulous room for her. you did a great job.

  2. Wow, I think you should get an award for the most adorable, functional, and indie-styled nursery! What a sweet and special place for your baby. Many blessings to you!

  3. I am creating a whimsical animal/transportation themed nursery inspired by Richard Scarry's busy town books. Do you recall where you got your amazing animal driving fruit fabric or who makes it?

    1. I bought it from IKEA in 2010. The designer is called Silke Leffler. I found an etsy store selling it: Oak Hill Arts. Hope this helps!!