October 10, 2013

Week 33 and our Maternity Pictures!

Week 33
September 30th - October 6th

Genevieve is now about 4.5 pounds and measuring about 17 inches long.
She is still an active little one and loves to wiggle around.
I am at a point where I am used to the intense movement and now it just makes me smile. The last few weeks were tough when the kicks were getting aggressive but I am savoring them in these final weeks. 
I am still not sleeping well but like the kicks, it is the new normal and I have emotionally and physically adjusted to it. Michael has been so incredible - rubbing my back every night and helping me get my 5+ pillows just right. I am so grateful for all his support!
I meant to share a belly picture after I had my henna done. 
Here it is once the henna came off:
Part of my nesting came in the form of laundry. 
My goodness there was a lot of clothes, blankets, crib sheets, swaddles, etc to wash. But it feels great to have all of that put away and everything ready from birth to 3 months. I actually love folding laundry, I find it really relaxing but I am sure once baby comes it might change with all the loads I will be doing!
One highlight of this last week was me getting my DIY bug back!
I have done close to no crafts since I've been pregnant. I thought I would be a crafting machine making all sorts of goodies for baby, but I have had NO energy or desire at all. 
Lauren wanted to make stuffed animals so we went for it. 
Meet Marcy the fox. 
I think she is adorable! I will definitely be making more. 
Here are few pictures from our maternity shoot!
It was a wonderful end of September day. Fall was in the air and Shelby Bottoms was the perfect location to capture the two of us before Genevieve arrives. 
Thank you, Felicia for the amazing pictures!!
Sweet Genevieve,
We anticipate your arrival as the weather is getting cooler and the leaves are changing colors. 
I am only 4 weeks from being full-term. You could arrive in a month. Although, I am trying to keep the 40 - 42 week idea in my head so I don't get too anxious. The restless bug hasn't set in yet. Both your dad and I are content at this stage in pregnancy. It is a lot easier to care for you, feed you, and keep you warm right now!I know you will arrive before we know it but we are grateful for a few weeks to prepare and enjoy each other. Your nursery is done, the birth kit arrived, birthing classes have started and I am lining things up for maternity leave - we are getting everything set up! Now that you are a little more snug, your kicks and wiggles are so sweet. I am relishing them! Oh goodness, the love we have for you is indescribable. 
You stay put as long as you need - we will be ready for you when you are ready.

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  1. I know y'all are happy to keep waiting for her, but I want to see pictures!!! I am praying for Genevieve already! :) So happy for y'all!