September 27, 2013

Week 31 and the start of Fall

Week 31
September 16 - 22

My problem with this vegetable/fruit comparison is that I eat organic food and it is always way smaller than what google says. I am sorry, but the jicama I eat is not 17 inches long. So we improvised with what we had. Although, I am sure this is WAY huge ;)
Most of my week was consumed by our bi-annual leader training for my work. I love when 35 leaders from around the US come together for 3 days with the same passion. It was inspiring and exhausting! My favorite part was getting to see some of my previous team members, now training to be leaders. 
This me and Carol in Kenya!
And showing off my little grandma chickens. 
Laurie and me in Ethiopia! 
When she found out I was going to India she told me to buy some henna so she could paint my belly when she came to town. 
I loved getting the henna done. It was so relaxing.
I also love the idea of honoring your belly. This is your baby's home for almost a year and I think there should be reverence for how incredible that truly is. It amazes me every day how God designed our bodies to work. Pregnancy has really opened my eyes to the wonder of creation. 
This was the following morning on the first day of Fall. 
It was in the process of peeling off. 
Michael and I celebrated the first day of this new season by spending the day at the park. 
My sweet Genevieve,
This is the season that you will arrive. 
I can't believe we are already entering into Fall. 
As the leaves start to change, I can feel that you are going to be here so soon.
I know this will be one cozy winter when you arrive. 
We are so excited for days of snuggling with you!
Hang tight for a few more weeks and then you are welcome any time :)

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