August 20, 2013

Week 26 Cabin Vacation

Week 26
August 12 -18
This last week was a tough one for me. 
I had a pretty decent melt-down. 
Or maybe it was just pregnancy hormones building up, but either way, I was very emotional.
I have a hard time with transition and the unknown, I always have. 
Every aspect of our lives right now is in limbo. 
We are going through so many changes and there are still a lot of answers we are waiting on.
-I cried because I am getting bigger.
-I cried because I don't want to stop being pregnant.
-I cried because when I do get bigger, there will be a baby. 
-I cried because we still have a lot to do to prepare for baby; we have no baby things. 
-I cried because it won't just be Michael and me anymore. 
-I cried because sometimes I am scared of being a mom.
-I cried because sometimes her movements make me feel nauseated and tired and not always magical. 
-I cried because I will miss sleeping in and having a flexible schedule.
-I cried because I am closing a big chapter of my life and moving to a new one.
-I cried because this is something I have wanted for so many years and yet I fill like I am loosing control (which I am). 

And with all those emotions, both good and bad, I smile so big when I think about looking at my little girl's face and watching my husband rock her to sleep and the precious moments I have during late night feedings. These emotions are strong and it makes me more aware that this is what life is all about: moments like these. I am learning so much about trust and letting go of control. And relying on God's daily grace. 

Our 4 day getaway could not have come at a better time!
 Last weekend, Michael and I joined 3 other couples to Red Roof Cabin in Spencer, Tennessee.
No schedules, no expectations, no plans.
It was perfect. 
The view from the back porch. 
Amazing view of the bluff. 
Karlie and Drew
Jonathan and Becca
Lauren and Evan
We spent all of our mornings enjoying the porch. 
We even got crafty with bibs and embroidery. 
The cabin had a game room with air hockey, pool and ping pong. 
Lots of crazy games of Round Robin!
I loved this group of people. 
My twin sister and her husband are some of mine and Michael's closest friends. 
There was Karlie and Drew.
 Karlie is the one person in this world that can get me excited and motivated about anything. She will also be my doula at our birth. And Drew is the nicest, most easy-going guy around. I loved seeing them. 
And of course Becca and Jonathan. 
Becca is a little less than 2 weeks behind me in pregnancy. I've talked about her many times. She is someone I could not do this without. Sharing in all of these adventures has been such a huge blessing. And Jonathan is one of Michael's favorites, too.
 We had so many conversations around the dinner table about gun control, vaccinations, child birth, Judaism, disciplining our children, work ethic, circumcision, health insurance, the role of social media, city living and carbon footprints, to name a few. Mix that with lots of laughter, guitar playing, board games and s'mores.
 I love sharing life with these people. 
I can't believe how different we are getting. Although, I am grateful that I haven't put on much weight anywhere besides my belly bump. 

We couldn't got to Fall Creek Falls without a beautiful hike. 
It was breathtaking.
 And might I add, Becca and I, for 2 pregnant ladies, did such a great job! We kept up with no problem. Trying to stay fit with our growing babes!

And we topped the weekend off with a photo shoot!
She's getting so big!
This is our "Welcome to 3rd Trimester" series:
 My Sweet Genevieve,
You continue to bring so much light, joy and life into our family. We have been unbelievably blessed by your growing presence. Entering this last trimester has allowed us to fully embrace the change that is about to happen and the anticipation to meet you face to face. So soon little girl! We can't wait to welcome you into our lives.

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