August 2, 2013

Pregnant for 1/2 a year.

Week 22 - India!
July 15-21
Week 23 - India!
July 22-28
I used paper props because these updates were taken in India.
And the size of the fruit is hilarious. Can't say I have ever seen a grapefruit that measured 11.5 inches in diameter...
I will definitely write a blog about India once I have taken the time to really process the trip. I can't wait to share my trip but it is taking longer than I thought to work through the experience. But I will share soon!

Week 24 
July 29-August 4
I can't believe I have been pregnant for 6 months - half a year! And baby is now 11.8 inches long! We also hit a major milestone in pregnancy - baby is now viable. I want Genevieve to stay in my womb for quite a few more weeks but she is at a stage where she could survive earth-side. That is crazy! We will hold her in less than 4 months....
Little baby is making herself at home.
It is pretty unreal that my belly will grow so much more in the next 14 weeks.
A woman's body is amazing. 
Early morning kicks and cuddles just me and Genevieve. 

This pregnancy will be marked by so many memories:

1. Watching the Amazing Race.
I have seriously watched 10 seasons since I got pregnant. The theme song will be her lullaby :)

2. This snack:
Especially the white ones with red speckles :) Those are the best (Taro chips, I am informed).

3. The smell of this candle:

4. Listening to "Oceans". It became the theme song for my India trip but I first heard the song the day before I found out I was pregnant. I cried the first time I heard it. And it has been powerful every time I have listened to it since then.

5. Learning to be 'internal'. With the help of pre-natal yoga, meditation, journaling, a study called "Counseled by God", and morning moments with my baby girl, I am developing a more intimate relationship with God and myself.
Pregnancy has been the most growing, spiritual process I have ever been through.
Growing life, learning to let go, embracing the present, finding joy in the little things, it's all pretty amazing.
Little one, four more months until we meet face to face!

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