August 14, 2013

A very busy Week 25!

Week 25  
August 5-11
This last week has been wonderful.
Michael and I went on a date in what feels like such a long time. 
We had a lovely dinner at Satco - which brings back so many memories from the high school days and then topped off dinner with Krispy Kreme :) I crave donuts, no big deal. And I had a free coupon ;)
We also enjoyed the evening at Centennial Park. Another nostalgic place for us. 
This is where we 'officially' started dating back in 2006. 
It was so nice daydreaming about our little girl and life as parents. 
Before we got married we went through pre-marital counseling. But there isn't pre-parent counseling or pre-parent prep. It was great to talk through our ideas of holidays, traditions, and thoughts on so many things that come with parenthood. Of course Genevieve will dictate how we adjust our 'ideals' but it was so good to make sure we are on the same page. Although, I can't really say I will ever be ready to parent!
What a daunting, humbling, wonderful task to undertake. I am very thankful for grace even before I have started! 
Michael and I joined Lauren and Evan at Percy Priest Lake. This is the closest I will get to the beach this year. It was lovely. My belly saw light for one of the first times! (And probably one of the last!)

Genevieve is going to have the best Aunt Lalu around!!
This week we also got the wonderful news that Michael got a new job!
He will be starting next week at the National Healthcare for the Homeless Council. I am so so so excited for him. And he is too! Not to mention it is only 1.5 miles from the house so he can stop by for lunch when baby arrives. Such a blessing. 
We also celebrated my brother-in-law's graduation. 
He just got his Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy while working a full-time job, raising a toddler, and welcoming a new baby. I am so proud of him too and it was a great surprise party! These men in my life! 
 These celebrations are the perfect way to reunite with old friends! I loved it!
Becca has been my godsend. Seriously. I recommend that everyone time their pregnancy with a friend ;) (ok, not always possible) But I have been so blessed to share every step of the way with her!
Then I topped off my weekend in Chattanooga seeing my best friend, Natalie! 
And yes, another belly picture. 
Because quite honestly, it is impossible to be pregnant and not show the belly. It becomes your favorite accessory, part of your everyday life. I am sorry for all the pictures. It is impossible to avoid! 
On our drive back, Michael and I listened to an audio book (What We Talk About When We Talk About God by Rob Bell) and witnessed this sunset over Mont Eagle. 
It was perfect and magical. 
This last week has been so very full and wonderful. 
Celebrating my many blessings today. 

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