July 14, 2013

21 weeks and Away "We" Go!

Week 21
July 8-14
Genevieve is now 10.5 inches long! She is getting so big and wiggling so much. 
I can tell when she rolls because I feel like I am on a roller coaster. I didn't realize her movements could make me so queasy but I do love feeling life inside of me!
Don't mind the post yoga physique ;) Look how big this belly is getting!? And just over halfway. It is pretty amazing what our bodies can do. 
Michael and I had a little break from the stresses of the week when are good friends Aaron and Chelsea came through town for the night. We met them on our December Uganda Kenya trip just a few months ago and really hit it off. It was so wonderful catching up with them!
Here we are in Uganda at the Nile river the day they got engaged! Special day!
 And a few months later.
We can't wait to celebrate their marriage in September!
And now it's time to leave for India. 
This week has been a little stressful for me as I try and wrap everything up at work and home. 
Everyone has asked me if I am excited about going. 
It's hard to answer that question with a quick response.

1. I will terribly miss Michael. Now that I am pregnant I want nothing more than to stay cocooned with Michael and my belly and nest as a family. But I know there will be time for that when I return. 

2. I am nervous about the physical challenge of being pregnant while in India. There will be some long and hot days. Even though I have a touch of anxious moments here and there, I can't describe the amount of peace I feel about leading this team. I feel really prepared - in the last few days I had my prenatal yoga class, chiropractor adjustment and midwife appointment. I have researched every type of alternative everything for treating anything I could get. I've asked all the questions I needed to our travel insurance company. And the couple we are working with in India are also pregnant! Which is really special to share. 2nd trimester really is the best time to travel - no nausea, minor food aversions, and lots more energy!

3. I can't wait to meet this team in person. There are 10 amazing women going on this trip. We have had 6 conference calls and a few coffee dates with some of them leading up to today. I feel such a connection and unity with them already. I know we are going to make some life-long memories together. And did I mention I get to travel with my mom!?! I had the privilege of traveling with her last May to Ethiopia and Uganda and this time she is my official co-leader. There is nothing like traveling with your mom (especially when pregnant). I know we will make memories together that I will treasure forever as we both enter into a new season as Mom and Bibi (my mom's grandmother name).

4. I feel so much anticipation for how God will use this team. I have learned from traveling 4 times overseas last year that when I have nothing to offer and no expectations, that is when God uses me the most. It is in that place of 'weakness' that I find the supernatural strength. I've never been to India before, I am not really sure what all to expect and I don't know exactly what all I will experience. But I am totally open and willing to be used wherever and however God places this team. I anticipate miracles, and challenges, and moments where the team cannot stop laughing because we are filled with joy, jet-lag and exhaustion ;) I know our faith will grow as we trust God!

Defining moments have some high highs and low lows. I know this trip will be hard and good. It is an opportunity for to be refined and experience God's love in a new way.
So in that spirit, I embrace the fear and unknown. 
 Here we go!

P.S. Not sure when the next weekly update will be. Probably when I get home. 
P.P.S. Those in Nashville, please keep my husband company! 

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