June 26, 2013

18 weeks and ultrasound!

Week 18
June 17-23
Baby is the size of an awkwardly large onion... hmm I don't really understand these sizes. 
But technically baby is 5.2 inches long and weighs about 9 ounces. 

Oh my what a special week it has been. 
Tuesday, June 18th at 8:00 am, Michael and I learned we are having a daughter. 
Our sweet Genevieve Lark.
Goodness gracious, we are so in love. 
This was our first ultrasound visit so we were really excited and nervous. It was very intimate with dimmed lights and music playing in the background. I had a large screen so I could see everything. It was very peaceful. I didn't realize that it would last 45 minutes. We saw the 4 chambers of the heart, the stomach, spine, brain, fingers and toes to name a few. 
The technician kept saying "he" when she talked about the body parts so Michael said, "Um you keep saying he..." The technician said sorry she always reverts to that pronoun but why don't we take a look. And so nonchalant she was like, "Well you are having a girl". 
I immediately looked at Michael and said "Genevieve!" I thought I was going to cry.
For those who don't know, since day one, well even before day one, I knew we were having a girl. I couldn't even picture a tiny place in my brain that baby was a boy. I just knew she was a she. But as the ultrasound date approached I started wondering if I was totally off this whole time. Maybe the mother intuition thing isn't real - It was really unsettling for me to feel so strongly about something. But when the tech said it was a girl, I couldn't stop smiling. 
I was right :)

We planned a big name reveal that Wednesday for mine and Michael's family. 
As I was prepping for the scavenger hunt around East Nashville I saw this sign. I had to take a picture!
Here is the start of her nursery. 
We had pink and purple balloons in the crib with her name pinned on so everyone could see her name. 
French - White Wave
Irish - Women of the People
Saint Genevieve is also the patron saint of Paris with a fascinating story. 

A song bird
When my father-in-law pointed out that in french it is Alouette, the whole family broke out in the popular french nursery song. 
There is also the common phrase, "Happy as a Lark". 
I love that larks are depicted in mythology and poetry as the morning bird that brings the start of the day. 
Larks are also depicted as the bird that ushers heaven to earth. 
I pray daily for joy over my baby. 

My sweet little bird, Genevieve.
We are so smitten by you already. 
You are one loved girl. 

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