June 20, 2013

17 weeks

Our little potato
June 10-16
And what a lovely week it was. 
Baby is moving so much more and I am starting to feel the rhythm. Lots of morning and evening kicks and I think I can tell the placement of baby. I guess we will know for certain after our ultrasound.

Pregnancy is starting to really enter that magical stage.
My energy level is increasing! My weekends feel a little more normal. I love spending time on our deck and "hanging out" with the chickens. The garden is starting to produce veggies and my creative bug is coming back. Can't wait to start baby projects :)
We also celebrated Father's Day! 
It was sort of Michael's "first" Father's Day. 
I spent so much time reflecting on how much my dad, my father-in-law and my husband mean to me. I really am incredibly blessed to have them in my life. Michael's dad is the sweetest grandpa (Abi) around and I am starting to get a glimpse of my dad as a grandpa (Babu). His Babu voice came out this weekend when he was talking to baby in my belly. 
So funny and precious.
And goodness gracious, I can't even start to put into words the way Michael will be as a dad. I have seen him love his nephew and niece and other children in our life with so much compassion. We both take parenting seriously and are overwhelmed/honored/excited to step into that role. I know he will be so hands-on and involved - I mean he already registered for the baby sling he wants ;)
Hopefully in the next few weeks he will get to feel our little one kick. 
A really sweet time!
My dad shortly after my sister and I were born. Such a hipster with his beard and glasses ;)
On our wedding day. My dad walking me down the isle and Michael's dad performing our ceremony. The greatest examples!
And to top the weekend off - we went to the wedding of Grace Bennett and Eric Willis - a beautiful event. 
It felt like my 'belly coming out" party. Besides family, co-workers and a few friends, not many people have seen me pregnant in person. I was so great re-connecting with old and dear friends. 
Now we wait in anticipation for our first ultrasound! 
We are beyond blessed!

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