May 5, 2013

Month 2

We are now on month 2!
Which I guess isn't saying much considering most of month one was spent not knowing if we were pregnant. But I will celebrate that we are one month closer :)

Week 4: My little Poppy seed
March 11-17

Poppy Seed dressing because I have no belly to show :)
Highlights -
1. Telling our family and friends the exciting news!
2. Meeting our midwife!

Symptoms -
1. I have to use the bathroom ALL the time. I have never experienced that before.
2. Shortness of breath. Didn't realize it was a symptom but I get winded just walking up a flight of stairs.
3. Bloated. I look pregnant...but it's just being bloated. Good ole progesterone.

I've come to realize that all the worrying I did in the trying-to-conceive process was just step one in learning about letting go of control. I thought I mastered that ;) Nope. The first few weeks of pregnancy are tough.
You know the test said pregnant, and you look at it 4 times a day, but you just don't feel pregnant.
I don't have any major symptoms yet and of course no baby bump, besides being extremely bloated....

The way that the events all happened, we ended up telling our family and close friends this week. We weren't thinking we would tell people until at least 6-7 weeks but the way we found out just led to us deciding that these people are in it with us through thick or thin and we loved/needed the support.

This week we met our midwife. We looked through lots of options and emailed a few. Jennifer Vines was the first to get back to us. We arranged a consultation and she met us at our house. It is not everyday that your medical provider sits at your dining room table for 1.5 hours, drinking tea and getting to know you. I thought it was strange at first and then I realized, oh ya, it is a home birth.  We loved it and we loved her!

Week 5: Baby Sesame Seed
March 18-24

Such a little baby! And an itty bitty 'bump'.
Highlights -
1. Seeing my dad after he was in Sudan for 4 weeks. The whole family got together.
2. Celebrating Mihretu's 4th birthday!
3. Hanging out with Jonathan and Sami and talking about cravings. I wanted a fried egg on toast at 10:30pm and Jonathan said he would make me one. I about cried.

Symptoms -
1. Every once in a while I get a wave of nausea but it goes away if I eat something.
2. Which leads to #2, I am hungry ALL the time. I eat something every 2 hours.
Most days consist of:
-8am = 2 eggs
-10am = clementine
-11am = string cheese
-12pm = spinach salad
-1pm = sandwich
-2pm = box of raisins
-4pm = a bag of mini carrots
-6pm = some big dinner
-8pm = crackers/nuts

3. Still peeing all the time. It is now a joke in the office. I can't make it through an hour meeting in the morning without a few bathroom breaks.
4. Tiredness is starting to kick in. I am not calling it exhaustion yet. I can make it through most of the day but by 5 pm when I get home I am ready to go to bed.

Cravings -
1. BBQ sauce. I keep smelling it in the office and majorly craving it. I was desperate so I took potato chips and dipped them in BBQ sauce for a quick fix. So excited to be eating ribs on Friday.
2. Vanilla Yogurt with granola...mmm

I feel a little less nervous about pregnancy this week. Still nervous about each twinge or strange cramp, but feeling more confident this week.
Oh little baby. You are growing so much!
I can't believe this little one has a heart beat.
And today our little one starts growing arms and legs - well just tiny buds, but still incredible!
Today is the first day of Spring. How appropriate. I am celebrating life today.
It's amazing how much love I have for a someone as small as a seed.

Week 6: Growing Lentil
March 25-31
Symptoms -
Well friends...morning sickness officially hit, right at 6 weeks. Well in my situation it is evening sickness. The smell of food is not doing it for me. Saltines have become my best friend. But I am growing a mouth and some ears and some eye sockets this week. So it definitely makes up for feeling crummy.
"You know you are pregnant when Pinterest makes you nauseous instead of hungry"

My lunch/snacks the last 2 weeks.

Look what happened the last 3 weeks!

I can't believe how big they get so fast! And something as small as a lentil has working organs. It is unreal. I definitely have a new appreciation for life. I love my little lentil.

Week 7: Baby Blueberry!
April 1-7

It is April already!?! I was looking forward to the day that baby becomes something substantial. No longer seeds and grains but now a legitimate fruit. I have a blueberry inside of me.

Symptoms -
Not sure if week 6 was just a tease but I am no longer nauseous. We will see how long this lasts but I actually feel great in the morning sickness department. Unfortunately the blooming trees are wreaking havoc on my allergies. And with mixed reviews on most medications, I am feeling pretty miserable.
Cravings -
So we get our first CSA share from Delvin Farms. It is stocked full of incredible, yummy, organic, local veggies. But what do I want?... A McDonald's snack wrap and a Hot Pocket. What?!?
Apparently baby does not like garlic or leafy greens. 

I am not writing much this week because I am laying in bed trying to sleep away the allergies.
Even though I feel awful, I still love my little one growing inside of me!

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