May 28, 2013

14 weeks and Ikea!

Week 14 - Little Apple baby
May 20-26
Our baby is growing every day! It's exciting to learn about all the developments happening. This week baby started hearing mine and Michael's voice. We love talking to baby.

2nd trimester has had its ups and downs. There are moments where I feel 90%. I have energy and motivation. I can eat just about anything. It is awesome. I feel like me and then a minute later I am at 20% and I just want to curl in a ball and sleep. I am a lot more dizzy and I have more headaches. And tailbone pain? Didn't know that could be a pregnancy symptom. But we are one week closer to meeting our baby and that makes all of this worth it.

This last week as has been very crazy in the Durham house.
We started our Memorial Day weekend by driving to Chattanooga and staying the night with our dear friends, Brian and Jena. It was the first time for us to meet their precious little girl, Lilly.
Can't handle it...
Breakfast the next day was with the family that I nannied for in college. It was so incredible catching up with them! They are so big!! I can't wait to go back and spend a few days with them, by the pool, relaxing. I love this family so much. 
And then we made our way to Ikea. I was sooo excited to see Tina and Marko. Tina was one my bridesmaids and it had been months since I had seen her. It was so good to catch up!
Now time for baby things! We got so much of our nursery furniture. 
I remember thinking 2 years ago that I can't wait to go back to Ikea when I am pregnant to shop for baby things and here we were!
We wrapped up our weekend visiting with my mentor in highschool and wonderful friend, Sherry. She was in town with her sweet, smily boy, Cooper. 
I mean really, he was all smiles!
Now that babies are on the horizon for us, it's funny how we spent our weekend with so many families and their awesome kids. We can't wait to join 'the club'. 

And now it is time to begin the nursery! 

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