May 20, 2013

13 weeks and Heart Beat!

I am really loving 2nd trimester. 
Food is tasting better. I am not as hungry all the time. And there isn't as much nausea.
I still feel exhausted and require naps on long days but I am starting to feel more like myself. 
Every day brings a new moment where I am beginning to grasp that I AM having a baby. This baby is mine and Michael's... It is still taking me a long time for that to sink in. 

Hearing the heart beat the last few weeks has really made reality hit. 
There is nothing quite like hearing your baby inside of you. 

Friday, April 26th - Arbor Day
My midwife surprised us. She just got a new doppler that detects the heart beat earlier than 11 weeks. With me being at 10.5 weeks she wanted to test it out. I rushed home and we heard our little one for about 10 seconds before baby swam away. 

I loved every moment.

Monday, May 6th - Official 2nd Pre-Natal appointment at 12 weeks
I love this sound. Hearing baby inside of me is so magical!
I listen to it every day over and over again.

Only 1 month until we know if baby is a boy or girl! 

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