March 8, 2013

Leaving hibernation

The most recent season of my life has been really hard.
Major emotional ups and downs. 
There has been a lot of heaviness at work and in my personal life.
Not to mention, Winter is just plain gloomy - cold and windy.
We didn't even get one great snow day... 
My Winter was spent bundled up, doing puzzles and going to sleep early. 
I've just had no energy or motivation.  
Well it was time to snap out of it.
I had to embrace the fact that I am not in control of everything. 
There are many places in my life where fear can take over. 
I learned that fear can either lead to anxiety or it can be embraced.
When the Spirit moves through that place of fear, faith is a gift that is received.
Faith increases when you step out in fear. 

It was time to create.
I always feel the most life when I participate in the creation of things. 
I hadn't done anything crafty in such a long time. 
So I decided to do some crocheting and embroidering. 
My first crocheted baby blanket!
Crocheted cowl scarf
There was also a quilt that I had not finished. I have been working on it for years.
I decided to tackle that project too. 
However, I had no desire to quilt. 
So I finished the top and decided to make a duvet cover, eliminating the need to quilt it. 
A few snaps later and viola!
I have also really loved hanging out with the special little ones in my life. 
Our godson Mihretu is so much fun to be with.
I went to his house to help make Valentine's Day cards. 
Aren't they cute?
We had one weekend of nice weather so we took our nephew to Shelby Park.
On an almost warm day we took another hike through the park. 
I am so looking forward to walks when it warms up.
And now it is time to begin the garden. 
Oh Spring...less than two weeks away and Daylight Savings starts on Sunday. 
That means more sunlight and warmer weather on the horizon. 
Feeling like I am turning a corner away from the Winter gloom. 
Can not wait!

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  1. For someone who has been hibernating, you sure know how to get a move on it! Looks like so much fun, all of your adventures. You are too cute for words! xoxoxo