September 27, 2012

Three more days!

Woah! My twin sister gets married on Saturday. I can't believe it! I am so excited to walk through this next season with her. I love married life and I know she will, too. And I absolutely love having Lauren and Evan across the street. We have already shared so many meals and played lots of games. It really is the best. 

Lauren and Evan in front of their new home: 
Ok, I am not a cat person. I am pretty allergic to them but this little cat showed up at Lauren's place the day they moved in and he is always around. We named him Tony Fiskers and he is quite possibly the most cuddly, affectionate cat I have ever met. 
I love having a pet I can play with and cuddle with and not have to feed. He is adorable. 
So this last weekend I hosted a bridal shower for Lauren. I found this lantern idea on pinterest and I thought I would share. 
Supplies needed:
-Christmas Lights
-Dixie Cups
-Construction Paper
-X-acto Knife

1. Take a dixie cup apart and use it as a template to cut the construction paper out. 
2. With glue or tape, wrap the paper around the dixie cup. 
3. Using an X-acto knife, cut a little X on top of the cup. 
4. Push the Christmas lights through the cup and voila! I had about 3 lights exposed between each cup but you can cover the lights however you like. 
A few of the pretty ladies celebrating Lauren. 
The bride getting showered. 
The best key lime cupcakes ever!
Lots of yummy food and a delicious pineapple raspberry champagne punch. 
On a side note: Wahoo! Our first fall harvest. We have HUGE sweet potatoes. We will be eating these for a very long time. 
Enjoy the beginning of Fall!

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