September 7, 2012


Many of you may know that my sister, my husband and I got in a pretty bad accident a week ago. We were on our way to NYC to pick up Lauren's fiancee and spend Labor Day in the city. We were attempting the 15 hour drive through the night and it was my turn to drive. On a stretch of interstate at 11:20 pm, somewhere in the middle of nowhere Virginia, a deer jumped in front of the car. I swerved and hit the right guard rail before ricocheting and crossing the grass median, the on-coming traffic and finally crashing into the far left guard rail. I can't really explain how it all happened and there are quite a few emotions I am still trying to process. Unless you have been in a situation like this, it is hard to explain the emotions involved in a life-threatening moment. We had minor injuries including sprained backs, compressed vertebrae, Lauren fracturing her foot and major whiplash. Considering how serious the accident was, we really are ok. And I experienced my first ambulance ride - board, neck brace and all.
This is after a night in the ER and apparently we love grey.
But retelling the story of the accident wasn't really the purpose of this post.
How many times have we heard that the 'church' is not about the building, it is about the people that make up the community? This last week we have experienced what it means to be part of community in a whole new way. I have walked along side friends adopting, having babies, miscarrying, getting sick, moving houses and simply needing help. I have seen how people rally together to support those in need.
Well this last week we have been blessed beyond words at the way people have rallied around us.

It all started with super nice EMTs who were friendly and understanding. We had a great nurse named Lori who after discharging us from the ER rolled another bed into the room, brought us blankets, pillows and water and said we could sleep here for no charge. It was 2 am and we had no where to go in the middle of the night 7 hours from home. We 'slept' for 6 hours totally undisturbed. That morning we went to the cafeteria and they were wrapping up serving breakfast. The lady behind the counter came out with sausage biscuits and orange juice and told us that she was just giving them away. Sweet! A free bed and breakfast ;)
We didn't want to be apart so they treated us together. 
My parents were amazing. They drove 7 hours to come get us. They helped us get neck and back braces, take pictures of the car and accident site and got us home as comfortably as possible.
The towing company was in the middle of nowhere...seriously...
When we got home Michael's parents were there with dinner. They fed the chickens, did our laundry, cooked and cleaned for us. My brother and sister-in-law come over the following day with our nephew and dinner. Kids are therapeutic. Liam made me so happy, he was sweet and cuddly. Our dear friends, Jonathan and Becca Moody came by with the most scrumptious brunch. And my sweet coworker, Autumn, came by with dinner.

My first day back to work was better than I expected. Hellen brought me Starbucks and a stack of movies, Amanda and Autumn have been taking turns picking me up and dropping me off, Kathleen brought me a week worth of food and groceries and books and everyone took time to talk with me and pray for me. My coworkers mean the world to me. We do life together. They encourage, strengthen, challenge, and love me so well.
Some of my coworkers!
This week Michael and I even received a meal from a new friend and team leader that I just met the day of the accident. I received cards in the mail from family and coworkers. I got so many phone calls, texts, Facebook messages and posts from friends encouraging me and praying for us. It meant so much to me.

I have been reflecting on it all week - this is what the church is all about. For some it was just a text message or bringing by a meal. But that simple act kept me going until another person stepped in.

So to my family, my friends, and my coworkers (which really encompasses 'family' and friends) - Thank you. I have been overwhelmed by the way you have supported Michael and me this last week. I appreciate everyone's willingness to listen as I process the experience. Not having to worry about meals and errands and chickens and car all have demonstrated what church looks like. We were made to live in community and to not walk through life alone. So next time you guys are in need of help, we will be the first ones there!

Now time to think of all the wonderful things coming up! Birthdays next week, helping Lauren and Evan move in next weekend, showers and parties and wedding to cap off the month.

God is good and we are so grateful.

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