June 25, 2012

Our Backyard Update

Well the garden is taking off. I still have no clue what I am doing. And it is so dry and hot here. I was anti-pesticide when I started the garden but now I am trying to decide if there are organic ways I can protect the cabbage, tomatoes and peppers. Bugs are attacking! 
I have also learned that leafy veggies, like cabbage, arugula, lettuce and spinach are not really worth the work, or at least not worth it without pesticide. Plants growing in the ground and veggies like corn, beans, and tomatoes, are easier because even if the bugs devour the plant, you don't eat the leaves. I also didn't realize that arugula is a fall veggie. The leaves were so bitter. 
I have learned a lot the past few months and now I know what will and won't work in my garden next year. 

Here is our first harvest! Some green beans, lettuce, basil and arugula. The fresh herbs we get daily has paid for all the expenses that went into the garden, easily. 
Now time for the coop!
Michael and I built a coop from scratch. We used a lot of scrap wood but had to buy the chicken wire and tin roof.
 We built a little hatch on the back so we could pull the eggs out once they start laying.
The inside of the coop has two perching ladders and nesting boxes for them to lay eggs.

Coop before I painted it. 

Michael putting together the chicken run. Not pictured, but we added a gate to the side of the run so I can replace the water and food. 

Ya... I went a little overboard with color. We had a lot of extra house paint laying around from our tenants and our painting projects. I added a faux window too. I might make a flower box, we will see :)

The chickens are outside! I am so happy to not have chickens inside my house anymore. They are not very loud but they are stinky! 
                                                                       Jean is so cute. 
Doris learning how to use the ramp. 
I love these cute chickens. 
If you want to know how to start raising chickens from chicks, read my previous blog!
So much work, but so rewarding. I love waking up and feeding the chickens and watering the garden. And when I get home I weed the garden and watch the chickens run around and fight over the top ledge of the coop. They make me laugh, such great pets. And this is before they are even laying eggs!

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  1. Ooh, so cool. I've been thinking about raising chicken but a) have no idea where to start and b) I haven't convinced my husband yet. :)