April 26, 2012

My DIY Office

Visiting Orphans moved offices! I was so excited to get my own space to decorate. Now that I have a cozy space I feel like I can focus so much better! Although transition and change can be really tough, a fresh start is just as rewarding. I have definitely learned to be patient trying to figure out new phone, printer and email systems and my old computer completely died in the middle of a work day. But after 3 weeks of transition and more change than I thought I could handle, I am embracing and enjoying the this new season. It is starting to feel like the perfect "office home"!
Here are some pictures: 

Before: Grey walls and carpet
After: So much warmer with beige walls and brown carpet
I couldn't afford new furniture, so Michael and I built a bench out of some shipping pallets. 
Before stain: 
After stain: 
I made the cushion out of thrift store pillows and fabric I got while in Rwanda. 
I went to Goodwill, Ikea and Home Depot and got everything for $60. 
-3 curtains that I made into 2 massive curtains: $10
-5 frames that I spray painted black: $10
-4 pillows: $8
-Lamp: $2
-Grey Rug from Ikea: $20
-Stain for the bench: $10
I filled my frames with some art that I made and 2 beautiful photographs that Alison (from my December Africa trip) took. 
My office would not be complete without my favorite Anthropologie candle, wedding photos, and my pen holder made out of pretty fabric and a bean can!
Paint chip art! But seriously, if you want a cheap (free) and interesting medium for art, go to Home Depot, Lowes or Walmart and grab some paint chips. I am working on an entire post dedicated to paint chip art. I love using them!
Some more of my pen and ink drawings (I am a little obsessed with trees).
Side note: Happy early National Arbor Day! Every state celebrates it on different days, but the national day is tomorrow, April 27th! Michael and I will be celebrating this weekend :) I love that there is holiday dedicated to trees!
That vase will soon hold red fabric poppy flowers. 
 Thanks Urban Outfitters for my office motto :) 
 I had to combine three curtains to make one that was tall enough for the window. I love the texture of the deep purple curtain paired with the blue and brown patterned fabric.
I really like it here.