March 15, 2012

How does your garden grow, Part 2

Here goes for composting. 
So much to learn...
We went to a thrift store and bought these canisters. One is for eggshells, veggie and fruit scraps. And the other for coffee grounds.
We were going to build a compost bin of sorts but my parents had this composting container that they weren't using.
They had some extra compost in the bottom so we didn't have to create the foundation. All though it looks disgusting, those are just food scraps and coffee grounds on top of old compost and straw.
So I found tons of charts telling me what to compost and what not to compost. And how there has to be a certain part green (nitrogen) to brown (carbon).
I was starting to get overwhelmed. And then I realized that it will all decompose and become dirt. Hopefully it is not that hard. I found this great blog from Young House Love. Here is their experience composting
My personal handy man making frames for the garden beds. 
The beds are now framed and the garden is starting to come together. Michael built a cute little gate we will add once the chicken wire is all up. 
I found some bricks behind our fence and I plan on elaborating on the pathway.
Some sunny weekend I will level the pathway and get the pavers and bricks in their place. 
First round of seeds have been planted! My sunflower, marigolds and bell peppers are the first to plant. Next week I will start the cilantro, dill and basil. I had to create a chart to keep up with when to start planting seeds, when to buy the plants, when to transplant the seeds and when to plant the plants. So much to figure out. But I love it!

More to come next week....


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