December 23, 2011

Tie Necklace DIY

While our mission team was preparing for our trip to Africa, one of the crafty team members, Alison, came up with an amazing craft idea that is super easy and has amazing results!
All you need is a tie and five to seven 1 inch beads. I bought these wooden beads online. 
1. Use a seam ripper and rip open the tie
2. Remove all the inside lining
3. Iron it
4. Fold the tie in half (right sides touching) and sew one end closed. Then sew down the entire half. 
(Karlie sewing up 30 ties. Our team will be bringing over 200 to make at the different orphanages we go to)
4. Cut off any excess fabric.
5. Flip the tie inside out, so the right side is showing.  
(Jenny, Karlie and I having a tie sewing party while watching "More the Business of Being Born", sequel to the first documentary)
 6. Insert the beads (5-7) one at a time and tie knots around them to hold them into place
Ta Da! 

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