December 5, 2011

DIY Hooded Towel

My amazing coworker asked me to make some hooded towels for her son she is adopting from Ethiopia! I said "OF COURSE!"

-1 towel
-1 hand towel (NOT a wash cloth)
-Cutting supplies and sewing machine
 1. Cut your hand towel to . This will be the hood.
 2. Fold in half towel in half and place ribbon about 1 inch from the fold.
 3. Pin ribbon to the top layer and open the fold.
4. Sew ribbon. *Make sure you are only sewing it through one layer of fabric.
 5. Fold hand towel in half the opposite way as earlier. (Like picture above)
 6. This part is tricky and little hard to explain, but you will take the left corner and fold it into the towel. Best way is to experiment until you get your hood to look like the picture above.
 7. Sew the hood to the middle length of the towel. Cut off excess ribbon.
8. You can personalize it with ears if you want to create an animal!

For those that need someone else to explain :), here is a blog that has great instructions!

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