November 27, 2011

Round Two: A Durham Thanksgiving

Being married means double the holidays!
We hosted our very first Thanksgiving at our house for the Durham side of the family.
 Michael's first turkey! Thanks Autumn for the perfect turkey gift!
 We started with a delicious tomato soup that Becky made. 
Michael created a pomegranate, molasses glaze for the turkey (probably the best thing I have ever tasted) and we made a sweet potato gnocchi... which was perfection! Top it off with some roasted vegetables and we had a lovely non-traditional Thanksgiving meal. We will be creating that sweet potato gnocchi many more times! I will post the recipe soon!

Family really is the best!


  1. Do you have any leftovers??? That sounds delish! And I love your table set-up!

  2. Sweet potato gnocchi... YUM! Can't wait for that recipe :)