November 16, 2011


This blog really changed the way I view my stuff. 

I spent one afternoon reading about how it can be so easy to put so much worth in the material things around you. The blogger continues the topic by talking about American excess. I was convicted reading this blog realizing how many times I felt like I needed something that really wasn't that important. I wanted to downsize and get rid of the junk around me. 
Well I got home that afternoon and my house had been robbed. Both of our computers were stolen. My first reaction was "oh well, it is just a computer". Then I was sad that my pictures from the last 4 years were all gone (I am very sentimental). Then I felt icky and violated. But overall I was very surprised in how, once I got through the initial emotions, I was still ok. 
It is so much more freeing to live relying on God's provision. And to not feel consumed by 'consumerism'. 

My first step in downsizing:
I took all my clothes and put them in piles of: Keep, Not Sure, Don't Need.
I got rid of bags of clothes. 
There was so many shirts that I love but never wear or they have holes in them so I decided to make a quilt!
I was really surprised how fast it was to make!
Now I have an organized and cleaned out closet and dresser.
Next time I will tackle my craft closet and bathroom closet!!

"And my God will supply all your needs according to his glorious riches in Jesus" -Philippians 4:19

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