October 9, 2011


My favorite type of weekend:
1. Games in bed. Favorites include: Battleship, Uno and Bananagrams 
2. Movies all day long. This weekend included Big Fish and Jane Eyre
3. Hikes! Lovely Saturday at Radnor Lake. 
4. The game 'Chopped'. If you have not seen the tv show on food network, you take 4 random ingredients and have to use them to create a meal. You have to use all 4 of the ingredients in the dish. We always play this game when we are low on food. It helps us clean out the pantry when we don't know what to make. Our latest game included:
 - Rosemary pulled pork with a strawberry compote
 -Michael created a sweet potato fritter
-Finished off with grilled peaches and chai whipped cream. 

5. Crafts! Crafts! Crafts! I have a craft fair coming up in two weeks, so I have been busy painting, drawing, jewelry making, quilting, sewing scarves... my craft room is exploding!
6. Spending time with family for my brother's birthday.

A very relaxing and perfect weekend. 

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