October 25, 2011

herb garden

So we bought our house mid July and we didn't have time to plant a garden this season. We use a lot of herbs and wanted to have fresh herbs available. So an indoor planter it is!
By the way, you can not buy seeds ANYWHERE during the fall. We tried 6 different shops, from Home Depot to Walmart to Ace Hardware and a local nursery. They don't sell seeds... We had to gather up packets from relatives.
Michael built a narrow box perfect for 8 mid size terra cotta pots. And he attached it to the kitchen window. 
 One week later, the seeds are starting to sprout!
I wanted a way of identifying what the seeds were so I decided to make chalk board paint! 
My recipe is not the ideal mix of ingredients! I had some sanded tile grout and acrylic black paint. I mixed about 1/2 teaspoon of grout to that entire tube of paint.
I started with a toothpick until all the grout was mixed in with the paint. 
With sanded grout it turned out...grainy. It still works fine, just not the ideal texture. 
I painted a rectangle onto the planter.
Here is blog that has a great DIY for chalk board paint. Just use un-sanded grout and latex paint. 
2 1/2 weeks later, they are growing! So excited to have fresh herbs!


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