October 13, 2011

DIY Pretty white board

Super simple but unique way of creating a white board.

Bailey and I created these together, you can view her blog here

What you need:
-Fabric or scrapbook paper
-scissors (or paper cutter) and glue
-Frame, the size that you want the board to be.
**Buy frames that are in good shape at a thrift store. They will cost you less than $2. No need to buy a brand new frame**
1. Take your frame apart.
2. Cover the backing with paper or fabric. 
You can cover that matting separately if you like or just put a single piece of paper or fabric in the frame.
3. Put the frame back together
4. And done! You can write and rewrite as many times as you like :)
*we put ours in the bathroom and use to write reminders and love notes of course. 

You can use it as a "To Do" list or create a weekly menu calendar like the one below:
Enjoy your crafting!!

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  1. Love this, I'm totally going to make a menu one for my kitchen.